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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, '11, 12:46 am 
Sonic The HedgeHog recently celebrated it's 20th birthday anniversary: ... -bang.html

Happy Birthday, Sonic! :cake:

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, '11, 2:00 am 
I can't believe it's been 20 years. Wow.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, '11, 3:50 am 
Yeah, it doesn't seem nearly that long to me. I suppose that might be because my first exposure to Sonic was with Sonic 2 on the Genesis, which is a little more recent. I'm glad Sonic has been able to stand the test of time so well. I just wish Sega had put as much effort into supporting Phantasy Star.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, '11, 4:58 am 
Thoul wrote:I just wish Sega had put as much effort into supporting Phantasy Star.


I guess this would be the appropriate place to share my first Sonic the Hedgehog memory, though. :)

My family already owned a Genesis (ours came with Altered Beast) when Sonic first came out (I was in 7th grade), so my brother and I were looking for a copy of the game before we purchased it. I remember borrowing my friend Schuyler's copy, and we traded games on the bus one morning. I can't remember what Schuyler borrowed, but it might have even been one of my Phantasy Star games, as they were harder to come by without buying them yourself. My Phantasy Star games got borrowed a lot. Schuyler and I were best Genesis buds, as everyone else was still mostly playing NES at that time. SNES either wasn't out yet or really, really new. We swapped games a lot, and he also took me to a school dance in 8th grade.

And that's how I first played Sonic. Thanks, Schuyler!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 3, '11, 1:33 am 
Happy Belated Birthday, Sonic!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, '11, 6:28 pm 
I did most of my Sonic playing at my neighbor's house (my brother and I never invested in Sonic games for one reason or another). Happy Birthday to a character (among others) who provided much entertainment to me during my visits to the Shipley household.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, '11, 12:16 pm 
So much good memories, Sonic was certainly one of my favorite game franchises back then.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, '11, 6:32 am 
I'll be honest and say I’ve never been a huge sonic fan, I have nothing against the games though. The first Sonic game I ever played was the “Master System” version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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