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PostPosted: Sun Sep 9, '12, 4:32 pm 
Turns out we could've had Ryan Drummond again instead of Roger Craig Smith. ... velopment/

I can't believe we were THAT close to getting him back. While I understand SEGA's financial problems, not hiring Ryan for not leaving his talent union irks me, they should've tried to work something out.

I wish you good luck Ryan, and hopefully, you'll voice Sonic again sometime soon (sorry Roger fans, Ryan will always be my favorite Sonic).

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, '12, 9:08 pm 
I don't have an opinion on which is the better Sonic actor, but that's a horrible way for any company to treat a perspective employee. The financial problems, as bad as those are, don't excuse it. Asking someone to leave their union, which would probably negatively impact their ability to find future jobs and cost all kinds of benefits, and asking the person to do work for free? No, that's a bad move entirely.

If the allegations about spending more money on the meetings than it would have cost to hire the actor are true, that illustrates just why Sega has financial problems. They haven't been spending the money they do have wisely.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, '12, 11:10 pm 
:reads article:
I can't believe that Sega went so low. Hiring a voice actor for practically nothing in this economy and asking that person to leave his union---ridiculous. If they wanted him to leave his union, they should have offered him a really good reason to do so; not "Leave your union for us so that you can work for free."

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