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 Post subject: rare Atari game auction
PostPosted: Tue Nov 6, '12, 4:52 pm 
A rare Atari game has sold at auction for a loooot of money: ... 20948.html

Gosh, this makes me want to start riffling through all our old Atari games to see if we have this one. I could use a couple extra thousand bucks to spend. :lol: I probably wouldn't be that lucky to find one though. :bang:

PostPosted: Wed Nov 7, '12, 2:08 pm 
Looking at the name, Air Raid, made me think it might be one I had. Seeing it in the video quickly laid that notion to rest. Check out that weird cart shape! I don't think anyone would ever forget owning an Atari game with that strange handle built into the cartridge.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, '12, 3:06 pm 
What a price !!!!! :-o

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