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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, '10, 10:54 pm 
So, does anyone else have MAG? It's a 256 online multiplayer war game for the PS3. The maps are fairly big and it has various game modes such as:

- Domination (256 players)
Attackers start scattered along the map edges and move on foot or ride in one of a few transport vehicles
Defenders must take outer defensive positions to meet the oncoming attackers
Each defending squad is responsible for holding specific areas of the base
Attackers must eliminate front line defense emplacements (bunkers, turrets, tank traps)
Once in the inner base, attackers must take down anti-aircraft batteries and radar sensors
Destroying things like the anti-aircraft batteries allow the attacking team to launch UAVs
Attackers must capture and hold objectives and inflict enough damage to the defenders base to win
- Acquisition (128 players)
Escort style requiring attackers to steal two protoype transports from a rival faction and escape to the extraction poin
- Sabotage (64 players)
Attackers must infiltrate rival communication facilities and hold two control points at the same time
Once achieved, a final demolition objective is revealed and must be destroyed to win
- Suppression (64 players)
Pure infantry battle

There are 3 teams. Raven, Valor, and SVER. I'm a part of SVER! ^_^

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