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 Post subject: Re: Sonic 4 announced
PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, '10, 9:30 pm 
xellos667 wrote:It was indeed a possibility, as Rieko Kodama said that they had a brainstorming session after the end of IV, with question something about the opposite force of Profound Darkness being one theme that could be talked about in the next game (or something like that)...though it never came to be. I would like to see them continue Algo stories, maybe in a brand new cycle without Dark Force, but there's still idea that can be used.
That is really cool to know. I would have liked to see another Rune comeback, but if it were made, it's probably be the typical 1,000 years later. Sigh! :D

xellos667 wrote:Anyway, it didnt took long before all the "so-called" fans of Sonic everywhere started * around this 3 "seconds of gameplay" trailer. How Sonic running animation looked bad, how this whole "episode 1" was a stupid idea (even though everyone love Sonic 3 & Knucles), etc..., etc...Can we wait a little bit to know more about the game before talking trash about it? (I'm not talking about this forum, just the reaction I'm seeing in a lot of others)

I'm totally with you there. I'm a sonic fan, and heck, I'll even peek at the sonic comics while reading the Archies. ;)

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