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 Post subject: Song Banned
PostPosted: Fri Dec 7, '18, 8:04 pm 
A radio station in Cleveland has banned the classic song "Baby, It's Cold Outside": ... index.html

Do you agree with the radio station and think this song should be banned? Or do you think they are carrying this too far?

Also, it makes you wonder...if this song is banned, what songs (or other things) might be banned next for similar reasons, etc., and where will this all end!

Update 12/7/2018: Yesterday I read that some radio stations are still banning this song but a few others have taken polls to see how their listeners felt about the song and as a result some radio stations have begun playing the song again.

Alas, now it is not only Christmas songs some people are trying to ban but there are complaints about Christmas movies, etc., also, such as "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and others that some people think have bullying and other non-desirable traits in the movies.

Some people need to lighten up a little, I think. If you look far enough and long enough you can find just about anything anywhere that some people are not going to like for some reason, and everyone has a right to their opinions, but so does everyone else even if they do not agree on the subject matter.

Some of these Christmas cartoons and movies and other songs have been around for 40, 50 years or more and this is the first year I have ever heard any kind of protest about any of them. I think that says a lot about the state our world is in today. :cry:

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