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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, '17, 11:02 pm 
Do you think Zio knew about the Profound Darkness? Or anything that no regular person in Algo would know about, like Rykros or Lashiec?

It's clearly extremely rare to know about topics in Algo like Dark Force, so for ages, I've been wondering this: How much did Zio know? Did he know about topics like the Profound Darkness or the creation of Algo? Where exactly does his knowledge end on it?

Unfortunately, not much backstory for Zio was created, so details of him like this wasn't really expanded upon. I could understand just using random knowledge for someone like Juza, but Zio is a rather recurring character for the period of the game he is in. He's only mentioned twice after his defeat (in the Dezolis Climatrol to D-Elm-Lars, and to everyone else during the second lecture by Le-Roof), and it's now just hitting me how little he was developed.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Did Zio only know mimimal details? Or did he actually know enough for him to be consider one of the most intelligent wizards in Algo? Sadly, unless Sega goes back through their older games, we'll likely just have to estimate what we know.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, '17, 11:59 pm 
I've actually given this a little thought, because I'm a nerd and have written lyrics to lots of videogame songs, which I would have recorded already if I could sing, and one of them happens to be a certain boss battle theme with a certain boss in PS IV.

Like you said, no way to know for certain, unless there's something I'm not remembering about the plot or the script, but I tend to think he would have been granted some measure of cosmic awareness through his connection to Dark Force. Even though he was essentially a puppet and ultimately dispensable I don't think he would've wielded all that power without some slight awareness of what he was doing.

Then again, I can't imagine Dark Force would have given knowledge of his ultimate origin to some puppet, so I would personally dismiss the idea that Zio would have known about the Profound Darkness.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, '17, 11:32 am 
Interesting question ! But I agree with Bragatyr : Zio was only a puppet and is only tied to Dark Force, so I don't think DF has said anything to him about the Profound Darkness ! But what if Zio had known already about the PD ? We'll never know as, as you said before, in fact, only a little is known about ZIO (unfortunately...)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, '17, 2:10 am 
One theory could be that Zio wasn't so much of a person's name as it was some kind of deep title. Zio had some understanding. But he was never given the full story from the masters he served. By that nature anyone who served DarkForce could be considered a "Zio" even if they were not named as such.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, '17, 12:34 am 
Not that I ever gave it a ton of thought before now, but I kind of see him as a clueless pawn in the PD's scheme. Like, he only knew as much as he needed to, he probably *thought* he knew everything there was to know (as evidenced by his surprise when you finally defeat him), but he just wasn't high enough on the food chain of evil to know anything beyond Dark Force. Especially Rykros and all the lore Le Roof gives you.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, '17, 12:28 pm 
And sure that, if Zio didn't know about both Rykros and the Profound Darkness, in fact he never knows it and will never know it...

PostPosted: Sat May 20, '17, 3:39 pm 
Yes I concur Zio was only a puppet to the DF on Kuran. More backstory would certainly have helped. These games are dying for a remake. The Sega AGES PS 1 and II remakes were good, but didnt expand too much. PS1 Ages added a bit more info and personality to chars, but PSII AGES added not much at all. If any of the games had a remake, including IV, I'd hope things are expanded on greatly. On Zio, perhaps flashback to when Chaz was a petty thief, or Rune with Alys, or when Rune became Lutz the Fifth at age of 15, etc. So much to expand on. Even on One-Hit Wonders like Juza. Anybody with a char portrait deserves an exposition.

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, '17, 10:30 pm 
Maybe one day a PSIII (Hard I think...) and PSIV ages ? I don't think they'll be launched one day but who knows ? :)

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