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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, '08, 1:26 am 
So how many of you actually found this picture? I just did another skim of the first part, just before going to Zio, and found a poster in Aiedo of the guy who created the marketplace. I've never seen it before. And the fortune teller knows that Alys is going to die, but doesn't say anything. What are some other things like this that you would almost have to be looking for to find?

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '08, 6:56 am 
I'm not sure if I ever found the Aiedo picture before, but I did notice it in my current playthrough. I thought it was an interesting little bit of backstory. It's a shame they couldn't expand on it or explain more of the history of the other towns.

The only similar thing I remember is one of the priest in Gumbious Temple. One of them mentions that a tower called Corona used to be there. That's a dungeon in PSI.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '08, 11:57 am 
Jep, the Corona Tower was the tower that housed the Dezorian with the Eclipse Torch. I still wonder why Alis and party didn't simply shoot the Dezorian rather than going all the way to Casba to get a Dragon's jewel.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '08, 8:40 pm 
In PSI we have a citizen of Uzo that tells us he buried his soothing flute* in Palma. Two thousand years latter, in PSIV, we met his descendent, once again in Uzo, who tells us that his "family has been a music-loving bunch for generations. One of our ancestors really loved playing the flute...". The neighbours of this musical family tells us about the 'Frade Mantle' saying its light but very protective. This happens in PSI and in PSIV.

I didn't know if I should place this in the 'Easter egg' post or in this one

* - This flute soothes the savage beasts (it's actually just an Escape Pipe, nothing special about it – only that in PS1 we could use it infinitely and in PSIII/PSIV they can only be used once... in PSIV we also can listen Chaz playing them in order to cast "Exit" (Hinas).

The first time I heard about "Hernandez" in Phantasy Star was on wikipedia where it was told that the Freyna's full name was "Demi Hernandez" and was the doctor responsible for Demi type droids... After reading that I was always asking myself "where did that sick mind got the hernandez from?" Then I found the portrait of Aiedo...

I don't know when the markets where created (if 10, 20 or 30 years before the game), but if it was less than 80 years and Aiedo is still alive, he is/was somehow a kind of gubernator of Motavia.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '08, 10:37 pm 
Maybe he just has a friend with a really powerful "Rever" Technique. XD

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, '08, 3:11 pm 
The Flute was supposed to have an effect on monsters as well. According to some guides, using it, made running away easier. Never saw the use of it though, except maybe running away without spilling Escapers or MP, yet you will take damage for at least one turn.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, '08, 12:58 am 
Quote:What are some other things like this that you would almost have to be looking for to find?

Temperature in Motavia
There are some meteorological systems in Piata that tell us the temperature is 83º. Because it was SoA who translate the game (in America it is used ºF more often than ºC) it probably means 83ºF (28.3ºC). So, that's the temperature of Motavia during the game.

However, playing the Japanese version Rudy tells us something about ????31.4??. I don't understand Japanese but it seams it is 31.4ºC (88.52ºF). So, not only SoA changed the temperature conversion, but also the true temperature of Motavia by 3,1ºC (5,52ºF) less.

Statues related to Phantasy Star I
In Piata we have two statues related to beeings from 2000 years before. The first "Dr. Luvetsu" or "Luveno" we already know. The second (the manticore), the only enemy (beside dragons and semi-dragons) that spited fire from his mouth... ironically is now spitting water.

Departments of the Academy
- Math (2nd floor, 3rd room)
- Chemistry & Engineering... chemical engineering or mechanical engineering? (probably general) (2nd floor, 2nd room)
- Archeology (2nd floor, Principal's room)
- Physics & Astronomy (2nd floor, first room)
- History (1st floor, 2nd room)
- Materials engineering, geology* + Literature + Modernlogy (Fortune telling and stuff like that) (1st floor, last room)
*-Geology (there is also girl outside the university, near the crops)... she's a young girl and she says to have a boyfriend in the agriculture department

- Agriculture (1st floor, 1st room from the stairs - since the last girl was too young to be dating to the remaining scientists of other departments - they are too old, her boyfriend must be the guy that calls 'animals' to Hahn's friends)
- Meteorological department (the remaining department: 2nd floor, the last room)
- Biology (the cave, since everyone biologist is in stone at the beginning of the game)

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, '08, 8:33 am 
Wow, they really must like Biology, that cave was giant compared to the rest of everything. XD I need to go look at the statues in Piata again. And the 31.4, I read as Pi at first. XD

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