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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, '13, 9:46 pm ... cart_river

The saga so far: Joel Wilson was a former GOP candidate for office who did not win and ended up going into business for himself. However some questions came out about how he was running said business which brought the DOJ into the mix.

So yesterday he makes a *public* post on his Facebook account. (rather than using the "friends" setting). Turns out everyone can see your public posts. Even reporters who have been following your drama. The link above is the end result. Look to the comments as well. Makes for some strange reading and a lesson of what not to do when your being looked at by Uncle Sam.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, '13, 12:01 pm 
OUCH ! Really need to be very careful when using facebook, as the privacy settings and all are very strange and hard to really understand sometimes...:(

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, '13, 12:26 pm 
There are days when I wonder if some people really give any thought to what they post online. And then there are days when I know they don't. So many people still don't realize how much of an impact speaking online can have on their lives.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, '13, 4:53 pm 
I have a simple rule. I post stuff on FB that I could easily say to someone in person. I keep in mind that I have friends as well as family who read this. If their is something that I don't want the public to know then I make sure the settings are set as such. But you also have to figure the Wilson is fully aware of what he is doing. He's trying to get media attention to his cause. The guy feels that he's being treated unfairly. But at the same time questions have been raised that he has not fully answered.

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