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PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 1:31 am 
Let's all vote for Phantasy Star characters :D! I'm voting for Nei.

I hears the idea from another blog on the internet

I doubt it'll make much of a difference, but..

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 3:28 am 
It would be cool, and I guess it's remotely conceivable since Sega and Nintendo get along so well now, but even in future iterations of the game I'm thinking it probably won't happen. It is cool that they're asking for suggestions, though. I hope there's a ground swell for Geno and Isaac.

I did think of Wolf Bird when they announced Lucas. I knew that would be happening.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 6:04 am 
I've not been keeping up with Smash news as I'm smashed out and I still don't care much about the newest installment, so I had to look this up and see both these announcements.

I'll put it this way...considering the date that is today, I'm taking neither of these announcements at face value right now. I'm not going to write them off, but I'm not going to accept them either. I'd love to see Lucas return (you're totally on the money there, Bragatyr) and a fan vote for new DLC characters (Bayonetta makes sense to me), I'm skeptical ATM.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 7:16 am 
I hope the news is true but have to agree with Wolf Bird on being a bit skeptical due to the date, etc. I have been very cautious about any news articles I have read anywhere on this date. I was already taken in by one and trying not to let it happen again. On the other hand I would love to see the Lucas character back again.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 4:11 pm 
It's legit. It was a Nintendo Direct, they've actually done this before on this date. They wouldn't go through the effort of producing a 48-minute broadcast with information about their top games and system sellers just for a gag. And alienating a ton of fans by falsely announcing Lucas's return would just be asinine.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 5:46 pm 
It would be asinine, but skepticism of announcements, even big ones that seem too big to be jokes, on April 1st is something gaming journalism has sort of done to itself. It would asinine, but so are the joke announcements for Half-Life 3.

The day after, looking at this again on not April 1, it's good to see this seems legit. Neat. However, seeing as how when I play the new Smash, I still love Ness and loved him more than Lucas in Brawl, I can't say this will reignite my enthusiasm for Smash.

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