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PostPosted: Wed Jul 7, '10, 11:44 pm 
Perhaps one of the main reasons I am so happy with the Genesis Collection on my PS3 is because I got it for dirt cheap in a clearance sale. New, packaged and in mint condition. Yet, the sheer fun I've gotten from that little disc has been enormous.

I also did notice a very slight difference in the overworld theme, but the rest of the music is the same as I remember from the Genesis.

I seem to remember PS4 having some special characteristics in its programming that more or less would equate it to Shenmue 2 on the DC in terms of complexity. That is, however, something I read somewhere, a long time ago and should not be taken seriously. Still, if someone knows something, do tell.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 8, '10, 12:09 am 
I've been playing PSIV on the Wii lately. I really like the convenience of it, being able to turn on the Wii and click on the PSIV channel right away.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 8, '10, 12:19 am 
I’ve only played PSIV on my Megadrive collection on the PS2. But I have thought of purchasing Sonic’s Ultimate MegaDrive Collection on the PS3 as well also because it has the original Phantasy Star and a few more games.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 8, '10, 2:52 am 
Perfect emulation or not, I prefer playing the original games on a handheld system. They all require a lot of grinding and it's nice to be able to chip away a little bit at a time. So I'm going to go with the Sega Genesis Collection for the PSP.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 8, '10, 1:47 pm 
if only they could make a real Phantasy Star compilation on the handheld that have all 4 games at the same time...but for now, we need to have a GBA/DS to play 1-2-3 (and even for PS1, you have the save bug to deal with), and a PSP to play 2-3-4. So nothing is really pratical for now, hence why I avoided playing too much of them up until now (well except the GBA Phantasy Star was the first time I capped a PSIII game...even though the sound quality of the GBA is REALLY atrocious for PSIII)

If only to avoid grinding though, the Phantasy Star Complete Collection would be the ultimate choice...for those who can play it :(

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, '10, 9:37 am 
Unfortunately I first played on the PS2 collection. That thing about
"punishment" is not exactly what they said, BTW (but I guess the gist was there). They could have a more interesting trivia like about the Acacia/ShadMirage or the Dezolis Penguin etc. But never they mind.

I like it on the Wii. The main reason to have that is the glitch corrected on English release, and I'm just past level 50 with all the core cast except Wren (just beat Lashiec). I have crappy equipment on everybody to make it a bit more fun, ha ha.

I would like to play Mega Drive sometime, so I think I'll get the Japanese cart because that is some seriously fab box art! (I would also like to play on PSP like hugues.)

And yes xellos, it is unfortunate, because that only seems to apply to Amercia/Europe releases (seeing as the reprint of PS was Japan-only).

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