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PostPosted: Thu Jan 5, '12, 9:18 am 
Never tried to do that : like Thoul said before, I am not very fond of grinding : too boring, even for a phantasy star game ! (exception of the first one but not too hard to reach the level max on the original version...).
I only finished PS 2 one time so.. I can't remember which level were my characters at this moment. But greetings to all who succeeded !

PostPosted: Sat Dec 1, '18, 10:29 am 
The most I’ve gotten is Rolf to level 35, and even then, it’s just so he learns Megid, as you can actually complete the game several levels earlier.

When it comes to particularly late levels, characters still learn some techniques, for example, Amy learns Gra at level 39, Shir learns Nagra at level 45, and bizarrely enough, Amy learns Gigra at level 48.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '18, 3:18 am 
Does it count if I hacked the game's RAM to find the exact RAM address where their experience was at to get people a lot of experience very quickly? :P

Being serious here, level doesn't really mean all that much in Phantasy Star II, thus there is very little reason to grind outside of the very beginning of the game. Equipment, and as a proxy, money is far more valuable than levels are for survival. Most stats don't do anything in this game other than HP/TP.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, '21, 4:16 pm 
Unfortunately, I NEVER reached it and will never ^^

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