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 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, '14, 10:45 pm 
Please tell me the requisite Fire Emblem representatives (Marth, Chrom, and Lucida? Whoever you got to play in Fire Emblem: Awakening) are still relatively overpowered compared to most of the other characters. =p

(does not have a Wii U or 3DS)

 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, '14, 4:17 am 
Wolf Bird, I was definitely stoked about the Koopalings getting in as alts, which is an awesome way to do them justice. Oddly enough, I still personally prefer playing as Bowser Jr., partly because the move set makes more sense for him in my mind and partly because he's just more annoying, which I know in my experience tends to make it harder for the opponent, ha ha.

I will PM my friend code information as soon as I can, I would love to play you!

Also, Snorb, Marth, Lucina, and Ike are all faring fairly well in Smash Wii U. Marth players were initially upset about his apparent toning down, because his range isn't as crazy as it once was, but he's now very quickly rising up in the ranks again (coincidentally, it seems like most characters have had their range toned down, so it kind of evens out). I've personally only played one good Marth, but I think he's quite formidable. Maybe not quite Melee or Brawl level, but still a legitimate character. Ike is about the same, and Lucina is basically Marth without the ability to tip with her sword.

 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, '14, 4:46 am 
Bragatyr wrote:I will PM my friend code information as soon as I can, I would love to play you!

Sounds good! I'll have to find out mine as well. The Wii U in our apartment isn't mine but I can of course use it, so yeah. I just haven't used it very much to this point. I have no idea what the info is there, but I'll figure it out at some point and once I do, send it your way. Though it might not be until after New Year's, as it's the last week of the semester and then I'll be traveling to visit family for a while during the holidays. I don't know if my boyfriend is planning to bring the Wii U, and if so, it'll be at his parents' place, not mine.

Point is, I'd love to play you sometime, especially knowing you go with a thus-far overlooked character as I do. ;) Granted, I know that since the game is still new, everyone is still figuring out all that stuff so I imagine all the match-up stats are going to be in flux for a good while. Even if, as I said before, I usually don't think too much about that because I'd rather the play the character(s) I have the most fun with!

 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 3, '16, 6:06 pm 
Why not resurrect this thread today, on the day that it seems Nintendo is ending any major updates to Smash on WiiU and 3DS, but going out with a bang by releasing Bayonetta and Corrin as DLC? I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that by the end of today, there will be a game featuring Mario, Pikachu, Cloud Strife, Ryu, Link, Duck Hunt and Bayonetta. Um, what? Isn't this a sign of the apocalypse?

So despite my previous posts in this thread, after taking a long break from any Smash, I got back into when I got my 3DS at the end of last summer. And I play the newest iteration on my 3DS far more than the WiiU, but that's fine, since the characters are the same and many of the stages overlap - though, the 3DS version has a major leg up on the WiiU version for me because it has the Magicant stage, which is now one of my favorite Smash stages ever. I really do commend Nintendo for making the portable version as good as it is, since it really does make a great portable title.

Also despite my previous postings about my first impressions on Pit, one of favorites from Brawl, that has also kind-of sort-of changed. Maybe. A bit. In the form of his clone character Dark Pit (yes, I like a clone character better than the base character, sue me) which should be suggested by my (as of this writing) avatar. Pit got changed drastically from Brawl, and on my first impressions on him weren't too favorable. I just couldn't make the mental switch to work with his new move set. Also, I found him incredibly annoying to listen to. Still do. However, when I unlocked Dark Pit on my 3DS, I decided to try him on a whim. Well, somehow I was able to immediately make that mental switch to a new move set, as his is basically the same as Pit, with a few of his specials behaving a bit differently and a different final smash. Also, at least to me, he feels like he hits a bit harder and can take more punishment, though that's up for debate. And he's not grating on my eardrums. At this point I think the people I play with fear me as Dark Pit just as much as they fear me as Ness. Thanks to that, I can use Pit almost as effectively, if it weren't for him being so incredibly stupidly gratingly annoying, and given the choice between them, I'll take Dark Pit every single time. Also, awesome theme. Play the Reset Bomb Forest stage on 3DS and choose the alternative music (AKA hold down R2 at stage select). His red palette swap is also one of the best palette swaps I've seen in Smash, up there with Mr. Saturn shirt Ness.

Yay for DLC characters - I got Lucas and Mewtwo back! Lucas feels basically the same, though a few of his animations are different. I also feel like on the ground he has even less friction than he did in Brawl, which I have mixed feelings about. I do know I don't feel as in control with him as I do with Ness, but kudos to Nintendo for improving their PK Starstorm final smash. As for Mewtwo, they improved him from his Melee self exactly as they needed to - hit harder, take a bit more punishment. Otherwise his moves are the same, though some of the animations differ a bit. Still difficult to use effectively, as he's very deliberate, but that's exactly what appeals to me. I must have a thing for psychic powers since three of my favorites are psychic.

Samus is also quickly becoming my 6th favorite. They didn't fundamentally change her from Brawl, but they did basically make her hit harder across the board - exactly what she needed. Her palette swaps also are much better, with both a Dark Samus swap and a very cool silver scheme.

If anyone feels like playing me, I think both my 3DS friend code and NNID are in the thread for sharing your account names in the Fringer's Parlor.

 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 3, '16, 6:46 pm 
I can understand why Corrin's getting added to Smash 4, I just have to question the timing of it on our end; Fire Emblem: Fates isn't out in the US yet! (And I'm still trying to get through Fire Emblem: Awakening...)

 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Thu Feb 4, '16, 11:42 pm 
Well, I think Fates has been out in Japan for a while if I'm not mistaken. I guess if nothing else the addition of Corrin acts as promotion for the game. I'm not sure if there'd be any benefit, really, to delaying it even if it's not out here yet.

I haven't tried Corrin yet, but I did try Bayonetta for a match or two and I liked how she felt in the air, at least. I might spend a little more time with her. I'm also still in the process of going through Classic and All-Star with each character on my 3DS (my way of trying everyone and giving each character a chance to surprise me - so far no one has, but I have a few yet to go) and I'll do them as well.

Edit: I read up a bit on some of the changes made with the update (besides enabling the new characters) and it seems that there's still a lot of balance issues.

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 Post subject: Re: Smash Wii U!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, '16, 6:58 pm 
Guess they aren't totally done with Smash, as last week another patch was issued. After installing it, I noticed that Mewtwo felt a bit faster on the ground and checking out Smashboards briefly (I rarely go there as much as I enjoy Smash, but they do have a detailed thread about changes whenever a patch is issued) verified that indeed, Mewtwo's run speed had been boosted, and the patch changed/balanced a number of things.

Last night I finally started messing around with a feature that I hadn't touched - creating custom versions of the standard fighters. The game told me I had collected all of Dark Pit's custom special moves, so I finally decided "Ehh, why not" and gave it a shot. The tool itself is alright to use, though (and I hope this varies from character to character) Dark Pit's custom specials don't really make any major changes to his play style. They're mostly variants of his standard specials. But I still changed all four of his specials - I chose the Piercing Arrow for his neutral, Amplifying Orbiters for his down, Quickshock Arm for his side, and Striking Flight for his up air.

What has provided me far more entertainment value is the equipment. You can give each custom fighter three pieces of equipment, which rebalance their damage/launch power, defense and speed. Some equipment also has special abilities. With this, you could make Game & Watch (one of the lightest characters in the game) a damage sponge if you wanted to, or make Bowser run as fast as Sonic. But what I decided to do was give my custom Dark Pit the three pieces of equipment that granted the highest boost to his damage output, at the expense of his defense. But going at least by the numbers, the boost to his damage far outweighs the loss of defense, so he's probably grossly unbalanced, especially since Dark Pit is a pretty maneuverable character and can be a bit of a pain to hit, and I kept his speed unaltered.

Throwing a poke ball at an opponent does 30 damage (seriously, I tested this so many times because I couldn't believe it) and actually has KO potential. His side smash does 25 damage without charge, closer to 30 at full charge, and KOs middle weights at well below 100. Piercing Arrow can KO most opponents at under 100 damage if they aren't in the middle of the screen. His throws all do 12+ damage and have a stupid amount of launch, especially his forward throw. He KOd Pit at about 70 damage with this up air, and 1-2 hits is about all it takes to break a Smash ball, which can take a lot more punishment than in Brawl.

Dark Pit, get off the steroids.

Though what I'll probably really do is give him any new equipment I get that gives him a better boost because this has been providing more entertainment than it really should.

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