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 Post subject: Sleep Foods
PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, '11, 11:45 pm 
Do you enjoy a snack before going to bed at night. If so, you might want to try some of these foods which may help you sleep better: ... -you-sleep

Some of those foods were very surprising to me, especially the ones that might be considered "breakfast" foods for the morning when sleep is probably the last thing on your mind. :yaknow:

I think I would add ice cream to the list, as I sometimes have a bowl of ice cream before going to bed. I guess that might fit under the milk category though.

Can anyone think of any other foods that might help you sleep?

 Post subject: Re: Sleep Foods
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, '11, 11:49 pm 
I don't know about ice cream. A couple of nights ago, I ate a bowl a little before bed. That night, I couldn't sleep very well at all. As for the list, I wouldn't have expected most of those. I've heard of warm milk helping, but never tried it personally.

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