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 Post subject: Sleep among Reindeer
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, '10, 10:21 pm 
A popular exhibit at a museum in Berlin lets you sleep among the reindeer there. For a price, you can rent a bed which revolves around the reindeer population there, and watch the reindeer while you try to get some sleep. Although some people have found it too noisy to get any sleep. ... ibit_N.htm

Would you try being alone this close to the Reindeer?

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 Post subject: Re: Sleep among Reindeer
PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, '10, 6:50 pm 
That sounds trippy. It might be fun to try, but that price is fairly expensive. I doubt anyone could sleep there very well, unless the reindeer were sleeping also. I'd rather have a comfortable, quiet bed at home.

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