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 Post subject: Venom
PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, '18, 2:47 am 
DVD is supposedly out now for the movie "Venom".

Has anyone seen this movie? Would you recommend it, or not?

 Post subject: Re: Venom
PostPosted: Tue Apr 2, '19, 1:47 am 
I saw this one a while back. I thought it was a good, solid superhero movie. I would recommend it, it's certainly better than some others.

It is a bit awkward in some ways - in the original comics, Venom is an enemy of Spider-Man with all of Spider-Man abilities, plus a few more. But for the movie, that whole angle is dropped. That's probably a good thing - it would complicate the movie a lot - but it changes the history and motivations of the characters. If you're not familiar with the character from comics or other past media, it won't affect your enjoyment of the film. But if you are, then it might.

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