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 Post subject: Skylanders!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, '11, 7:02 am 
Well I finally got to see what all the fuss was about. :D At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it, but later in the day I thought to myself:Dude, just go get it! You know you want it. So I did. Bought the 3DS version of the game, and I'd like to get the Wii version too eventually. The concept is interesting. Each version of the game comes with three monster figures that you send into the game with this little gizmo that also comes with it, and there's more you can buy at the store to add to the game.

 Post subject: Re: Skylanders!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, '11, 7:35 am 
So what is the game about exactly? :blank:

 Post subject: Re: Skylanders!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, '11, 4:15 pm 
I'm assuming you're referring to the new Spyro game? If seems intriguing, but even as a Spyro fan, I'm not rushing to the store to get a copy. There's something about the new Spyro design that still irks me, but maybe I'll get over that in time. Maybe I'll get a copy once it's come down in price/there are used copies.

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 Post subject: Re: Skylanders!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, '11, 8:44 pm 
TBH, this is the first Spyro game I've ever played in my entire life. My favorite characters to use of the ones I currently have are Ignitor and Prism Break (oh, I get it! Prison Break=Prism Break! Ha ha ha ha!)

 Post subject: Re: Skylanders!
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, '12, 5:41 am 
Alright, so I got a copy of Skylanders (as I got lucky and found a full set for $35 at a pawn shop), and here's my review. Granted, I got it a while ago, but I didn't really play it much until after Christmas and I was done doing a ton of drawing.

The technology is neat. The game comes packaged with a a portal and three critter figures (one of which is Spyro) and you can go out and buy more characters if you want. The figures themselves are actually quite well made and very nice to look at. When not in use, they make great desk pieces or bookshelf decorations. :) Mine currently live on one of my bookshelves. There's a grand total of 32 (not counting special editions) though not all are available yet. If you want to get 100% in the game, you need to have one character from each class (8 different classes), though you can see the game's ending with just the starter 3. I've gone out so far and collected 16 characters, and I may yet get more - and I have gotten at least one from each class. My current favorites are Sonic Boom, Drobot and Bash. Character data (stats, level, money, moves, etc.) are saved on an RFID chip on the character instead of the console (game data is stored on the console), and the characters can cross-platform (i.e., I have the Wii version, but I could take my Spyro to a friend who has the Xbox 360 version and play my Spyro on their game, with all his character data intact). You put a character in the game by placing a figure on the portal, which scans the RFID chip for the character data and puts the character in the game via a wireless received plugged into the console. You can also play 2 player co-op if you want, just put a second figure on the portal, and one player can drop out by simply removing their figure. You can switch characters anytime by swapping what figure is on the portal, and the transition is pretty seamless. For 32 different characters, they seem to all be quite different (or at least I've got plenty of variation in my current 16). They do reuse some basic character models, but each character is quite different, with different strengths and weaknesses.

Now technology aside, the game itself is solid. Not groundbreaking, but solid. It would've been very easy for the developers to get lazy and rely solely on the technology, but I'm glad they did not. The game is a solid, well-designed and a fun action/adventure kind of game - you kill monsters, solve puzzles, explore the levels and save people. The graphics are colorful and cartoony, the music is decent enough, and the voice acting is actually some of the best I've heard in a while in a game. Story wise it definitely retreads well trodden ground, but at this point in time, getting an original story is difficult since basically everything has been done, so I can overlook that. Gameplay wise, it's simple, but fun, and rather addicting. Each character has two basic moves, and you can purchase upgrades, and when a character is upgraded enough, you can choose one of two upgrade paths and develop on ability even further. Each character also has one additional ability that can be purchased after you find their 'soul gem' in a level. By having so many characters that you can switch between so easily, it manages to avoid being overly repetitive, and it also gives the player the chance to approach a situation in countless different ways (melee skylander not working? Switch to a long-range one!) There are also bonuses and extra items to find in each level, so there is replay value to be offered, especially for completionists.

Now on the downside, of course, is the overall cost. A full set will set you back $70 (unless you get lucky like me), and if you want more characters, it's either $8 for a single character or $20 for a three pack, or adventure pack (a character plus some new items and a new level). However, I have seen starter mega packs, that come with another 3 pack of characters, plus an adventure pack. So if you wanted just one character of each class for 100% completion, it'll cost around $110, assuming you don't get the adventure packs as well (4 of those, 3 now available).

My other major complaint is that I find the game a bit too easy. It falls into the same trap as RPGs...if you level grind, it gets way easy. And unfortunately, the characters level up quite quickly, so I often find myself getting ahead of my enemies without even really grinding. I have also encountered a few minor glitches, and after a while, the levels do get a bit same-y in terms of overall design...large area with enemies, cross a bridge or platform of some kind to the next larger area with enemies...wash, rinse, repeat. There is no jump button (except for the 3DS version), so they couldn't really do any innovative platforming...I consider that a bit of lost potential, as it limits their level design option. Not to say the levels are bad, they just seem to be repetitive and I can't shake the feeling of lost potential in that department since the characters can't jump.

Also, I still think the new Spyro design is a bit on the ugly side...the squashed in face just doesn't do it for me, but that's just my opinion. :mrgreen:

I'd give Skylanders a recommendation, especially for gamers looking for something simple, yet fun, and don't mind a slightly kiddy tone. It might be targeted at kids, but I think there's enough for adults to enjoy (especially for the young at heart ;) , and a lot of reviews I've read online come from parents who are finding Skylanders something they can enjoy with their kids). Just be prepared to spend a bit more than for most other games, especially if you decide to get more characters.

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