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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, '09, 9:08 pm 
One of the early prototypes for Phantasy Star IV was a version for the MegaCD/Sega CD. It's the one that had first person dungeons and was rumored to be titled "Return of Alis" instead of End of the Millennium. Do you think Sega should have proceeded with that original plan and made a CD based Phantasy Star featuring Alis' reappearance? Was scraping it in favor of Millennium the best move?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, '09, 10:07 pm 
PS4 was a good move, but they should have finished the CD as PS5.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, '09, 7:33 am 
I also agree that the CD version could have been made into Phantasy Star V. But personally I'm glad we got Phantasy Star IV because it is the best PS game in series IMO. :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, '09, 3:36 pm 
I really like PSIV, so I think that Sega probably made the better move. It would've been nice to see "The Return of Alis" as a PSV, like ThugsRook said; or perhaps just seeing it as a spin off game would've been cool too.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 7, '09, 7:43 pm 
Yeah, I wish there was a Phantasy Star game on Sega CD that had the audio/visual quality of the two Lunar games. The one hitch is that the Sega CD was discontinued in 1995 and was already struggling in 1994 when PSIV was released. If it had been released for the Sega CD instead it would have had a shorter shelf life and I doubt most of us would ever have played it.

Now, if they could have released a Sega CD game in 1993 it might have been able to buy the system a little more success.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 9, '09, 8:06 pm 
i dont think there was much of a game made before they cancelled the CD. either that or it was mostly all incorperated into PSIV. anyone ever seen or heard of the CD prototype anywhere?

it certainly would have surfaced by now :shiftyeyes:

PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, '09, 3:40 am 
I don't know about that, it did take nearly 15 years for the cartridge prototypes to surface. ;) The CD prototype probably doesn't exist any more, like the toy show prototype. Someone at Sega likely trashed it long ago. At the very least, the battle system must have been working because there is a screenshot of that in the Compendium book.

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