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 Post subject: Enemy Starfighter.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, '13, 11:15 pm 
Mike Tipul, formerly of Pandemic Studios and Bungie Software, has not only started on, but has actually been making progress with a space-combat game of his own, currently under the name of Enemy Starfighter. It's slated to be a single-player mission-based game, and according to what we have so far the game will include a couple of items that aren't exactly common in this particular subset of the space genre.

The first is a full-on pre-mission planning phase that goes beyond choosing loadouts- you not only select what your available fighters are equipped with, but also their behavior, targets, which forces you actually commit to the battle, and even get some control over when your friendly forces enter the mission space.

The second, which is planned but not yet demonstrated, are procedurally-generated campaigns. Tipul has said that he plans to make it so that each campaign will be generated at least semi-randomly, with each start generating a new set of missions along with varying opposing forces.

Apparently there will be more info available at PAX Prime, so this is probably one to watch.

Super Early Prototype build trailer

PAX prime 2013 trailer.

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