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 Post subject: Lagoon LP
PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 10:07 pm 
If this is a joke, it's a bad one. Welcome to my least favorite borked port of an average game, the SNES version of Lagoon.

Lagoon Part 1- There's Evil in Them Thar Hills!
Lagoon Part 2- Castle Crashing
Lagoon Part 3- One Note Quest, Two Note Town.
Lagoon Part 4- Just Full of Plague.
Lagoon Part 5- Enhanced Immolation Techniques.
Lagoon Part 6- Ice, Fire, and Old Man Cage Match.
Lagoon Part 7- Waterlogged with a Load of Moonshine.
Lagoon Part 8- It's a Secret to Nobody.

 Post subject: Re: Lagoon LP
PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, '14, 8:44 pm 
I can remember playing this game ! And for me, that wasn't a bad game BUT maybe it's only souvenirs that made me think that ?
Thanks for the LP ! And the videos :)

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