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PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, '11, 9:33 pm 
The famous Smithsonian museum is now accepting votes from the public on candidates for their upcoming Art of Video Games exhibit. Three Phantasy Star games are included in the list of candidates: Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star IV, and Phantasy Star Online.

The list of candidates has been broken down into five eras of consoles, with three games from several genres on each console. You can vote on one game in each genre per console, for a total of 80 games. Phantasy Star is going head to head with Heroes of the Lance and Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar in Era 2. Phantasy Star IV, in Era 3, has strong opposition in the form of Flashback and Shining Force II. For Era 4, Phantasy Star Online has opponents that might be the most difficult to overcome: Shenmue and the other title from the classic Phantasy Star team, Skies of Arcadia.

Go show your support for our favorite game series by voting for these titles at the Art of Video Games site. All you have to do is register with an e-mail address and start voting!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, '11, 9:15 pm 
Wow, that's fantastic that the Phantasy Star games are included in this. I'm going to go vote asap. :yes:

PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, '11, 3:53 am 
Oh, crap. I like Phantasy Star I, but I like Ultima IV also. I like Phantasy Star IV, but it's head to head against Flashback. Tough choices!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, '11, 10:18 am 
Hardest vote ever is, IMO, PSIV vs SFII

PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, '11, 2:53 pm 
Nice to see my three current favorite games all included - Earthbound, Okami and Shadow of the Colossus. Voted for all three, naturally, as I think they're all deserving in their respective categories.

However, I couldn't quite bring myself to vote for PSIV, as I SFII's art just as good. So I didn't vote in that category. Couldn't choose one over the other.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, '11, 7:13 pm 
I agree, it is hard to choose on some of these. Shining Force II is a great game and just as deserving of this honor as Phantasy Star IV. I voted for PSIV in the end, because it edges out SFII just barely for me.

Fortunately the list is broken down by system, so we don't have any PS games going head to head with Final Fantasy, Zelda, or Mario. Those would dominate the voting if it wasn't separated.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, '11, 8:58 am 
Some of those choices were hard! Lunar Silver Star Story was up against FFVII! I ended up going with FFVII, but it wasn't easy to chose. We're supposed to vote based on art and design innovation, so it was tough putting aside story and game mechanics and vote on art alone. If it was music, Lunar would win.

Skies of Arcadia vs. PSO was hard, too. I haven't played PSO, but I've certainly seen much of its artwork. I ended up choosing PSO because I think it might have been more innovative in its design, but man, I almost didn't vote.

Nice to see Earthworm Jim in there. I always thought the artwork in that game was really creative. And oh! The action category for the SMS! Shinobi vs. Land of Illusion? How do I chose?? At least the original Phantasy Star was an easy vote.

(And sorry, CW, I had to vote for Chrono Trigger in the SNES adventure category. Earthbound is tons of fun to play, but I can't ignore Chrono Trigger's incredible art. I do agree wholeheartedly about Shadow of Colossus.)

Some of the choices in era 1 were bizarre. Pac-Man for Atari? Seriously? That was known not only for its horrible gameplay, but also its terrible visual rendering of the arcade game. Pac-Man would randomly disappear sometimes! Where the heck was Q-Bert???? Glad they had those old Colecovision games (which were really Sega games!) to chose from. Buck Rogers, visually, was impressive.

It also would have been nice if this presentation had racing games as a category. No Mario Kart, no Gran Turismo, no Need for Speed, no Hang-On... what a disservice. Gran Turismo, especially.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 2, '11, 2:07 am 
I want to bring this back up as a reminder to anyone who was waiting to vote. Voting for the games to be included in the Art of Video Games exhibition ends on April 7th. That leaves only six days to get those last minute votes in!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, '11, 5:50 pm 
Looks like the voting has been extended a little: the site now says it ends April 17th. So there's still a few days for anyone that missed this so far!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, '11, 5:05 am 
Oh my gosh, I've been so busy lately that I had forgotten all about this. I'll go and vote right now before I forget again. :yes:

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