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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, '09, 9:04 pm 
The modern Phantasy Star installments have a history of appearances by enemies found in the classic game series. The Grass Assassins in PS Online where in Phantasy Star IV, as were the Rappies. There are others as well.

PS Zero is expected to have Rappies as well - hence the armbands promoting the game. What other classic monsters do you want to see in this new game?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, '09, 7:29 am 
I'd like to see the sandworms or Prophallus make a reappearance personally.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, '09, 7:35 pm 
Sandworms would make for a pretty awesome fight in a 3D environment. They could burrow under the ground and jump up at you. Oh, it would be a good way to reuse the monster combining mechanic from PS IV and PS Online, too. Have a few small worms call in a larger one and things would get really interesting.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, '09, 3:44 am 
They do have similar creatures in Phantasy Star Universe called Buna (I think) which are small worm creatures that appear on * that game’s desert planet. But they are only small enemies unlike sandworms, which were massive and had a decent amount of HP.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, '09, 5:56 am 
I like Lucas's Prophallus idea. Those things are awesomescary. I want to see some of the weird PSIII enemies, like the blue, pink, red, etc clouds things. And the bird girl characters. And the giants in Aridia.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, '10, 11:11 pm 
Some Phantasy Star III enemies, like maybe Eindon and Nayl.

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