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 Post subject: SEGA Forever has landed.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, '17, 8:54 pm 
Well I'm sure you must have heard somewhere or another about SEGA Forever. Well it has officially been launched. It is SEGA's brand new digital game service for mobile devices. The first 5 games released are Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, Altered Beast and Kid Chameleon. You can play the games for free with ads, or you can pay $1.99 for each game to play the said game without ads and get all the features.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, '17, 11:24 pm 
Heard about it ! Heard too about the system : I will not be able to play them on my mobile as I don't have any connection but it's good for those who can ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 2, '17, 4:35 pm 
I'm just up to Shure right now. Rolf is at level 8, Nei is at level 15, and Rudo is at level 2 (didn't pick him up until later). I'm keep grinding until I can afford another ceramic knife for Rolf (he already has one) and two for Rudo. Levelling-up can be fairly addictive.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 2, '17, 9:51 pm 
Scootaloo : Good luck for your progression so far and after ! Me I've just started Roron ! (But on an emulator ;) ).

PostPosted: Tue Jul 4, '17, 6:00 pm 
My data got deleted again all of a sudden ;_;

PostPosted: Tue Jul 4, '17, 11:01 pm 
I think I know what causes it... exiting out of the app, then entering it again, automatically refreshing itself. It seems to completely wipe data clean from memory completely.

Looks like I'll have to start over yet again.

Having to grind for several laser knives is by far not the most motivating feeling in the world >>

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 5, '17, 12:19 pm 
Ah I can understand better now.. but it's strange that exiting the app and re entering it causes that problem ! :(

PostPosted: Wed Jul 5, '17, 11:27 pm 
Trying for the third time. Let's hope nothing bad comes out of this.

I can pretty much hear the high expense of the ceramic knives calling me >>

PostPosted: Thu Jul 6, '17, 12:27 pm 
Hope all is going to be for the best from now on ! We are all crossing fingers here !

PostPosted: Sat Jul 8, '17, 6:47 pm 
Haven't heard about this, but I'm glad to see they included Phantasy Star II. Maybe this will help generate more Phantasy Star fans of the future!

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