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 Post subject: Seasonal 50% off sales
PostPosted: Fri Nov 6, '09, 9:22 pm 
Anyone else here participate in any seasonal sales where they have candies and other various items for half price, etc. You can usually find sales like these almost anywhere on the day AFTER a holiday or event.

This is a great way to get Halloween candy, other food items, Christmas candy or gifts, and other items to use now or save for later.

You can also find some terrific bargains.

I love these sales.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 6, '09, 10:47 pm 
Nah. I don't go much for candy, so Halloween is out. If I were to buy Christmas stuff during the after sale, I'd forget where I put it by the next year. Going to a store the day after Thanksgiving is just asking for trouble.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 9, '09, 5:07 am 
I failed to participate in this shopping oppurtunity until Thursday. And by then one of the two pharmicies within walking distance had completely sold out of half-priced goodies and the other was down to a selection that merely consisted of Quaker Chocoalate Chip Mini-Granola Bars and Sugar sprinkled shortbread cookies.

On a side note of this:
Never eat an entire package of granola bars in a single sitting. It has undesired effects on the digestive system.

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