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PostPosted: Sun Jan 3, '10, 12:27 am 
aka Battle of the Planets and G-Force, whatever you prefer. Since there were two different english versions of Gatchaman, I just decide to refer to it by its original title. I never cared for Gatchaman in the past, but ever since I preordered Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, I've been fixating on it alot lately. Can't wait to have a team in the game with Zero and Ken, and one with Chun-Li and Jun. So far, I'm really digging the characters Ken, Joe (one of my favorite voice actors, Cam Clarke even does his voice in the G-Force version) and Jun (because she's kinda hot, and Robotech voice actress Barbara Goodson even plays her in the G-Force version). I want to see the new Gatchaman movie that's being made that's set for release in 2011, which is being made by Imagi (TMNT, Astro Boy).

PostPosted: Mon Jan 4, '10, 3:32 am 
The show was never shown in my area when I was a kid, so I only learned of the existence of Gatchaman in the last few years. What would you recommend for someone who wants to try to get into it? I watched a version of it on Hulu a couple of months ago, but that seemed to aimed at people already familiar with the series. I didn't enjoy it much.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, '10, 9:13 pm 
I'm actually only just getting into it, so I don't know if I can help.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, '10, 4:32 pm 
Well, it looks like that new movie may not happen. Imagi has shut down. I'm sorry to see them go. I was looking forward to seeing this new movie and the new TMNT movie they were rumored to be working on.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, '10, 4:15 am 
Wasn't shown around here either. I've got the first two volumes of "Battle of the Planets" on DVD, but the show really isn't to my liking.

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