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PostPosted: Sun Dec 7, '14, 7:22 pm 
For me PS II was definitely a sad game, but it could be argued that it's more of an impersonal, almost cosmic hopelessness than the more usual sadness we deal with in everyday life. Just environmentally I found it very depressing; the world is carefully controlled and delimited, humanity has very little free will, and just by their isolation and desolation locales like Dezo gave me a very disquieting feeling.

I think the game is very much about free will, and so some of the issues it raises are difficult and even uncomfortable. It really does make the case that it's difficult to do what is right and necessary to create a sense of human independence. The protagonists struggle and suffer, and the ending is anything but hopeful, probably the darkest ending in the series, and it shows the cost of self-awareness. Nei in particular illustrates the point very personally. So to me it's a very sad game, just not on an intimate or surface level.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 1, '17, 12:52 pm 
Yes, lots of Phantasy Star games are sad ! I can remember the start of the first one, with the death of Nero (at the begining ! What a shock just after it...) and many other opuses, like the second one and the...(spoil !!) :)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, '17, 10:10 pm 
A sad game is Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet. Talking about why is spoiling deeply the game story (and it is a Visual Novel, so...), but it is probably the saddest game I have played.

There are other instances that the game per se is not sad, but some parts of the plot are rather sad, like in the aforementioned Phantasy Star II and Final Fantasy VII. There are some games who are in general upbeat, but have very sad moments.

I will talk about them (in spoilers, obviously) because they don't completely ruin the experience:

- XBlaze Code: Embryo has one of the non-bad endings being very sad Kuon ending, where she has to kill her brother and ends going blind because of the power of Izayoi, in a heartbreaking way.;

-Disgaea's normal ending too, which was rather surprising given the tone of the game Laharl surprisingly becomes so angry that a good person like Flonne had to die that he gives away his life in order to let her live;

- One of the characters' endings in Mana Khemia, which is a rather upbeat game with loads of jokes and humorous scenes. Jess ending, where you learn that her disease is in terminal stages, still she keeps her sweet cheerful and optmistic mood;

- Finally, Atelier Totori, which is another game filled with jokes and humorous scenes, light themes, etc, has a very, very sad scene. When Totori cries by her mother's grave as she discover her mother is dead.
Totori is so charming in a daughter-like way that it was the only moment where I wanted to break the fourth wall from my side and hug and comfort her

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, '17, 12:06 pm 
Ah TILINELSON ! How are you ? Long time no "see" here ! Hope you are fine :)
Thank you about those sad moments evoked in some games ! As I've never played any of them, I haven't seen the spoilers under but thank you ! :)

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, '17, 4:03 pm 
I am fine, thanks, I hope everything is fine with you too.

How come you never played Disgaea or Atelier/Mana Khemia? You must do something about that asap! :p

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, '17, 12:25 pm 
Happy to heard (or more "see" ;) ) that you are fine, dear Tilinelson ! :) And yes, everything is fine with me too, thanks for asking !

Nope, I've just tried the first Disgaea (if I'm not mistaken but that is so far away, I can't really remember ! ;) ) on my PSP but that's all ! Shame on me ! :p

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, '18, 8:17 pm 
I just beat the main story in Red Dead Redemption II (I still need to finish the epilogue, though.) Having played the first game, I knew this wouldn’t be the most optimistic of tales, but the final mission had me bawling. The part that really got to me in particular is the segment where Arthur Morgan, who is dying of tuberculosis, rides his horse back to camp and reflects upon the kind of person he is while a somber song plays. I’m assuming his thoughts depend on your morality throughout the game (my honor meter was at 100% by this point), but the sheer simplicity of this segment made it emotional for me. The moment when he gives John Marston his hat later on in the mission also got me a bit teary-eyed.

The only moments that came close to that for me were
[Reveal] Spoiler: Metal Gear Solid V spoilers
Venom Snake killing his men while they heartbreakingly hum the Peace Walker theme in MGSV: The Phantom Pain
[Reveal] Spoiler: Spider-Man PS4 spoilers
Aunt May’s death in Insomniac’s Spider-Man.
Neither of them brought me to tears like RDR2 did, though.

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