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 Post subject: Zio and Trent Reznor
PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, '21, 1:10 am 
Obviously, Zio's appearance is quite comparable to Trent Reznor in his 1988-2005 appearance.
But coincidence or not, it is even a possibility that the allusion is there in his character art, and not just his face.
If you seen the art, on page 62 of the PS Compendium, Zio has a black, corrupted arm and hand, that has a claw-like appearance, coming to a sharp point for each digit.

Now what do claws have? Nails.
And on page 62, they are elongated on Zio.

Not quite Nine Inch Nails, but long enough to make you wonder if this was a sly reference.

 Post subject: Re: Zio and Trent Reznor
PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, '21, 1:52 pm 
There is something that seems to tie both of them ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, '21, 3:42 am 
And if you really want to grasp at coincidence, check this out:

NIN's song, "The Mark has Been Made," at the 1 minute mark, sounds nearly exactly like the Phantasy Star Intro, you know, Space Century 342, then you see Nero murdered.
NIN song:
PS1 intro:

and then
NIN has a song, no joke, titled "The Great Collapse," the very term used to describe post 1284 Algol's backslide destruction, yet this song has no discernable Phantasy Star melodies.

Both songs were made far after Phantasy Star I-IV, so just a coincidence.
Unless Reznor is a closet PS fan.

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