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PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 12:59 am 
That's my cue! *casts Rever* :p

Tsunami wrote:Neithird brings up a good point. If Motherbrain had known about Rykros, I'm sure that she'd have tried destroying that along with Palma, too.

Yeah, and then it wouldn't have made a good alarm system at all. It's really not effective if it is destroyed before it is needed, right?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '08, 11:28 pm 

Quote:As a warning of this phenomenon The Great Light created Rykros, which returns to Algo once every thousand years, and myself, Le Roof.

and Chaz made the exactly same question we are doing here:
Quote:CHAZ: But what use is an invisible planet as a warning?

and Le Roof said something like: "we came to visit Algol every 1000years, but our real mission was just to help you now»
Quote:LE ROOF: The Great Light knew that, through the generations, the Protectors would forget their mission. So Rykros was designed to break its silence when the seal's final moment came... to remind the Protectors of the mission they were born to do.
RIKA: The seal's final moment? What do you mean by final moment?
CHAZ: The seal's final moment... Are you saying that it's happening now?
LE ROOF: Maybe.
RIKA: Maybe?

So... if its mission were to be found by protectors of the last millenium Ryucross was 100% effective.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 7, '21, 11:31 pm 
Pretty sure nobody, even Lutz, even knew what Rykros was, or was for.

The head bishop on Dezo only had a vague answer, and its implied Rune/Lutz didnt even know that much.

"Bishop: It is not clear to me either, what Rykros is... or where it is...
When Rykros returns, the Aero-Prism will show the way. I know nothing except
this saying has been passed along. "

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