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PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, '08, 9:38 am 
Srijita wrote:The final parting of Chaz and Rune got to me, too, which is a testament to the realism and depth with which their relationship was developed in the game. I must confess, however, that I thought Rune was merely being realistic in suggesting that their paths were unlikely to cross again. During stressful periods, people bond quickly, and it’s human nature to develop intense friendships. Once the need for propinquity is over, people go their separate ways, fully intending to keep in touch. But life takes its toll, and it frequently doesn’t happen.

I know this from personal experience in my own line of work. During exam time, difficult placements, and periods of intense work pressure, I’ve struck up half a dozen close friendships. In each case, we relied on each other and needed emotional support from each other to survive an abnormally stressful period. When it was over, we often exchanged remarks to the effect of: “I couldn’t have done it without you!” Contact details were shared, but then we moved on to different placements and lost touch. Having compared notes with my colleagues, I know I’m not alone in this; it is a common experience. Sure, I think of my old friends from time to time, and I’d be delighted to see them again, but… life takes its toll.

Great and interesting point. I never thought about it that way, but you are indeed correct. I do appreciate Rune's honesty with Chaz. He isn't saying to Chaz, "Oh sure, we'll definitely meet again" when he knows that they really won't.

Srijita wrote:Maybe Rune sensed something, but kept it to himself so that the Chaz and Rika could enjoy whatever time they had together without a dark cloud hanging over them. It would have to be either a vague premonition, or an inevitable occurrence, because otherwise Rune would presumably have warned them, or attempted to intervene.

Hmmm. That is also a great point, and definitely something that would be in Rune's character. Rune is a pretty amazing guy in terms of his god-like abilities, so I wouldn't put it past him if he sensed a premonition of the sort. But as you say, I agree that he, knowing Chaz and Rika's love for the other, and Rika's destiny to pass on her genes - Rune wouldn't intervene unless he knew more about it, or could somehow have prevented it. So, yes, I agree with you completely!

Srijita wrote:In contrast, the only purpose Chaz has so far found is his mission as a Protector, to fight Darkness. Take that away, and what happens to him? The closest analogy is that of the returning war veteran, seeking a new role. Try to picture Chaz as a civilian, in a mundane 9-to-5 job, eventually retiring and growing old... it’s not easy. It’s possible to write him that way – and I believe some people have done it – but it requires one to extrapolate beyond the character portrayed in the game and draw inferences about how he might develop under novel circumstances.

Far simpler to adhere to the old adage: “he will never age for me”, and imagine him dying young.

I agree on all points. Well said.

Srijita wrote: Unfortunately it’s reaching epic proportions although, unlike you, I lack the courage and imagination to speculate about what happens in the distant future after the game. My problem is a constant desire to rewrite it. I look forward to sharing it with you as I go along :wink:

I can't wait to read more. I can promise you already that I will read it voraciously! :hyper:

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '08, 8:10 am 
New fanart based on Srijita's fanfiction uploaded in PS IV!

Ch-ch-check it o-out!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '08, 5:44 pm 
[face=Times New Roman]This is such a great picture; I can’t stop admiring it. :) [/face]

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '08, 8:24 pm 
Very well done, especially the colors. It's rare to see PS fan art so brightly and vividly colored. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, '08, 8:48 am 
Huge thanks to the both of you. More is definitely in the works!

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