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 Post subject: Rune and Alys' ages
PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, '07, 6:37 pm 
Both Rune and Alys keep their exact ages a secret in PSIV, but how old do you think they were? I think they were both around 30. Does that sound too high, too low, or about right?

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, '07, 6:57 pm 
I'd think that anywhere from 25-30 would seem reasonable. I don't see Alys as young, but I don't see her as old, either. :lol: And, the same goes for Rune.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, '07, 2:59 am 
20-25, I think. 30 is too old. :brainiac:

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, '07, 1:54 pm 
I agree, 30 is pushing them up a bit higher than I think they should be. 25, maybe 27, is the highest I would go.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 6:31 pm 
Honestly, I believe that Alys is about 23 and Rune is somewhere around 27-90
Rune could have been using his magic to hide his age. Longivity is somthing that most mages tend to have.
Another thought: When Rune said "Chaz, thats what you said your name was, right?", rather than looking at this is a bad translation from Japaneese to English, I perfer to think that Rune knew Chazs' name via some form of magic. Then again, that's just my take on it.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 8:28 pm 
Actually, in the Phantasy Star Compendium, Rune is said to be one year older than Alys. But, I'm not much for using the compendium as reference, as I can only remember the simple details when it comes to things. :D

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 8:31 pm 
Haha. Likewise.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, '08, 8:23 pm 

1. First let's compare Alys and Rune with other characters:
a) Kyra seems younger than both Rune and Alys, so they have more than 18yrs.
b) Raja seems to be the oldest of the group so they have less than 65 yrs.
e) Alys could have Hahn's age (24yrs)... or older - never less age than Hahn and, in my opinion, never above 28yrs.
f) In any of the cases Rune will have +1yr than Alys.

Here's what we know:
1. Rune became Lutz at the age of 15 (so Alys was 14 at that time).
2. Alys became orphan at the age of 14 and a guy name Galf took care of her (like she did with Chaz x years latter).
3. Rune (now lutz) went to Motabia to train and gain experience
4. The man at the weapon shop of Termi said that in the past (x years ago) the spell binder (Rune) tought him how to put his feelings in the metal (creating the psycho-items).
5. Rune builts the "Ladea Tower"* near Termi (the heroine's town) -probably the first and the only city he passed by- to train and gain experience, much like Lutz from PS1 was doing in his cave before Alisa, Myau and Odin arrived with the governor's letter.
6. Alys and Galf met Rune (still when he was 15 yrs) [note: perhaps they needed that "spell binder" for something].
7. Alys, Galf and Rune lived together for 4 years.

In point 5 and when we meet Rune at Molcum it is said that Rune was meet a «long time ago». The question is 'how many years are "a long time ago"'?

a) If Alys is 28:
AW1270 - 14yrs (Meet Rune)
AW1274 - 18yrs (Galf's death and departure of Rune)
----------6 years gap-----------
AW1281- 22yrs (DramaCD - Alys was already a famous hunter at this time)
AW1284 - 28yrs (PSIV)

b) If Alys is 24:
AW1274 - 14yrs (Meet Rune)
AW1278 - 18yrs (Galf's death and departure of Rune)
----------2 years gap-----------
AW1281 - 22yrs (DramaCD - Alys was already a famous hunter at this time)
AW1284 - 24yrs (PSIV)

-> Which one is reasonable? The 2 or 6 years gap in Alys history? [I personally prefer only 2].
-> If the age 24 is the correct age, the long time ago will be "10 years", if not "14 years". [are '10 yrs' enough time to be "a long"? I think yes...]
-> 10 years to prepare against DF seems reasonable to PS chronology since the past is always represented with exact time like "1000 years df returns", "100 years there's an eclipse at dezolis", "10 years I saved you Rolf", etc.

«It's been said that the Ladea Tower was erected by the spell binder who came to town a long time ago.»

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, '08, 10:30 pm 
I love seeing posts by newsblade, they're always so detailed, unlike me. When i make a detailed one its once in a while, but its still cool. How do you manage to figure so much information out anyways

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, '08, 8:35 am 
Everyone majors in something Kaloes. XDDD No offense. lol I always thought of Rune as a kinda old guy and Alys as somewhere in her 20's but then, she couldn't very well be THAT flirty with him.

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