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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, '10, 6:32 am 
This is just a rumor, but apparently details of the console release of KOF XIII are set to be revealed in next month's Famitsu. ... nt-in.html

Hopefully this is true, I've been eager to find out the release date, and hopefully it'll have console exclusives like characters, survival, or a color editor.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, '10, 7:19 am 
Awesome, I'm pretty eager for this game. :)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 3, '11, 6:49 am 
I found an article that has possible bad news concerning the console port of KOF XIII, and also an explanation of why the console version of KOF XII was so bad. If you're excited about XIII's console port, I strongly suggest you don't read this article: ... ing-c.html

The article also says that SNK will be at CES this week. Maybe they'll announce the release date there. What's weird is that the flyer lists them WITH Capcom, which could mean a number of things. Here's the flyer to prove it: ... count=4328

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 3, '11, 7:51 am 
Lol. Never heard of KOF until I read this post. I haven't been living in a cave, I'm just not interested in fighting games. My post isn't really adding much to this topic, but I just thought it was funny that there has been 12 KOF and not heard of it. :D

PostPosted: Mon Jan 3, '11, 10:22 pm 
Anyone have any guesses as to what the Capcom/SNK listing from the CES flyer could mean? Who knows, the console port of XIII could be published by Capcom! That would definitely be a good thing for SNK. Capcom vs SNK 3 is OOTQ unless SNK is doing it, since Capcom has their hands full with Street Fighter x Tekken and SFIII 3rd Strike OE.
Hopefully it doesn't mean Capcom will buy SNK. I don't know about everyone else, but I don't want a KOF game to look like SFIV unless it's a KOF Maximum Impact 3.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:03 pm 
My guess would be a Capcom vs. SNK. Capcom is big enough that they could probably handle another fighter (let's not forget they're doing Marvel vs. Capcom now too). I doubt they'll be buying SNK, though. That doesn't seem like something they would announce at CES.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 8:59 pm 
If it's another Capcom vs SNK, it will either be from SNK or it will be a Capcom game that's not being produced by Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter IV. He said he wants to make a CvS3, but is currently unable to currently do so since he's already working on 3rd Strike OE and SFxT. Maybe it will be from another producer. Let's not forget that it could also be CvS2 for PSN/XBLA or even just a typo.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 7, '11, 2:40 am 
So far it seems like the Capcom/SNK thing was only a typo, sadly. And I doubt SNK is even at CES at all. Well, I give up. If SNK doesn't say anything about the console version of XIII within the next week, then I'm going to be very depressed (okay, maybe not depressed, but I will be pretty upset with them)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 10:22 pm 
VERY, VERY BAD NEWS. Apparently the director of KOF XIII left SNK Playmore in November. Even worse, SNKP's new president, Ryo Mizufune wants to shut down the video game section. You know what this probably means: not only might KOF XIII not make it to consoles, but it might be the LAST KOF game. ... ic=65.1335

It's highly doubtful, but hopefully this doesn't spell the end for KOF. Maybe Capcom will buy SNK, but again, it's doubtful...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 10:41 pm 
It's kind of gone into a big loop hasn't it. Back in the early 2000's when SNK got pulled into bankruptcy and Eolith bought the series for awhile. However I cant really see Capcom buying SNK, they have enough of their own franchises to put up with. Hopefully the outcome for this company is a good one, they have made some truly great games it would be sad to see them die out. :(

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