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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '09, 6:21 pm 
Hmm....wait a minute...(Checks is Rotten Macintosh computer.) *Rotten Macintosh. The Evil man's choice of Apple computers!*

If that child continues it's accelerated growth...then his attack power could be --(Looks around) Ah, good, no one around.-- Over 9,000! Despite the fact that I would be indirectly assisting the people I'm trying to destroy, this is one of those moments where it calls for an excpetion.

(Types a few commands on his computer, and presses Enter.) There. That should fix things right up.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '09, 6:40 pm 
(Drk, I have to say your changing names of everything to be evil is extremely amusing to me for some reason. :D )

Ness: *25 feet tall, looks around for a moment, exchanges looks with Caged as nothing happens.* Nope, nothing, sorry Drk. But thanks for trying...I guess?

Um, why are you helping us? It's not like we're actually a THREAT to you right now, given our location and all...and really, this serves as an additional sidetracking quest here, along with your freakin' corrupting statue...

Ness: Yeah, really...good thing I know how to deal with it.

Actually, uh, Ness...I meant to ask...given your situation, should you REALLY be carrying an item that might corrupt you?

Ness: Um...probably not...

*Nods.* Then maybe you should give it back to me.

Ness: *Hesitates.* Err...I...well, I would, but still, the rest of you don't know what you're dealing with...

If you say so...but now I have to wonder if it's starting to get to you, kid.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '09, 6:59 pm 
(Well, I'm glad someone's catching onto my quick, cheap jokes.)

Hmph. Figures...(Is staring at a Blue Screen of Death.)

Appearantly someone in the nearby vicinity has unleashed a large blast of magic, disrupting all electronics...or someone on the Villian Server is playing Crysis. Hmm...(Pulls out a Poisonberry, and checks something.) Ah, here it is. It cannot be....someone's playing Crysis on it's Maximum settings! Who would be vile and insane enough to do that?! The world as we know it cannot handle that sort of technological demands!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, '09, 4:26 pm 
(Shouldn't it have been the black or red screen of death? Because blue doesn't seem to be a very evil color to me. :wink: )

I guess it's nice to know that some villains are as bad and incompetent as we are, playing Crysis like that.

Ness: *40 feet tall*...there's something wrong if we're comparing ourselves favorably to incompetent villains.

I know, I know...but, Ness, y'see, if Trenzer and Kaloes don't visit this thread there's nothing I can do and it's gonna stay like this. And Drk is probably going to be able to continue developing his evil plans. And screw with us some more.

Ness: Wonderful. Though Drk's right about one thing...

And that is...?

Ness: I bet my attack power, defense power and hit points are going through the roof.

And if we weren't outside you would be too. Seriously, kid, since this time yesterday, your size has doubled. >_<

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 1, '09, 7:08 pm 
((Hmm. I probably should've gone with Purple, or something. But then again, how many cases of Blue Screen do you hear with Mac computers in the first place? XD And for that matter, why isn't his computer running Windows ME, seemingly the most evil Operating System ever made?))

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 3, '09, 4:35 am 
(I hate Vista... Damn thing is evil... WV: Are you sure you would like to unleash the great demon of evil? Drk: Ummm.... Yes... WV: Are you sure? Drk: I think so WV: Positive Drk: uh-huh WV: Positive? Drk: *beangs head on wall*)

*Writes in journal: Ness kept growing, and growing. In fact by day six he would be high enough that his head would pop into space which would normally kill him if it were not up to RPG Logic to save him. Meanwhile, far far away, in a lair, far far away, an evil lair at that, was Drk, with his Blue Screen of Death. Little to his knowledge, the Blue Screen of Death was actually a virus which began eating at his network but do to his little 'secret' of using ShareWare, the virus spread throughout the world causing major malfunctions in many places of the world.*

I think I'm done writing for today. Woah Ness. Is it just me or did you have one too many sweet treats! I'm hungry here share the food!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 3, '09, 5:09 am 
Ness: Okay, it's nice to see this thread is having attention paid to it, but...uh...Trenzer, you see, several days ago you had a fairy EAT all the food, so...I got none to share. And RPG logic dictates we don't NEED to eat anywho...

He's got a point, Trenzer.

Ness: And don't you think you're exaggerating just a TAD with the whole space thing...?

Hmmm, that reminds me...don't move. *Produces some measuring tape and places it at Ness' feet. She unrolls it, then at the other end, points an angle measurer up at Ness.*


*Produces a calculator.* Let's see, basic trig function...*pushes some buttons.* Let's see...o_O Well, Ness by my calculations, kid, you're about 200 feet tall now.

Ness: Well, that explains why nothing has attacked us, I'm scaring everything off.

Eee-yeah...Ness, I think your growth is accelerating as the days go by. Anyway, though...let's continue on now...and avoid towns, because, Ness, you'll scare the living daylights out of everyone. >_<

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 3, '09, 5:05 pm 
Hmm. I don't remember giving Trenzer a Journal that could make plotlines in a Death Note fashion.

(Sighs) Oh well. Screw the technology. Piece of crap couldn't even handle Doom 3.

(Pulls out a Purple Crystal Ball.) Hmm. Ok...first off...I really ought to take care of that child and his literal skyrocketing growth. I'd prefer not to die being squished to death, let alone by someone only a fraction of my real age. (But it's not like you people will ever find out...Mwahahaha!) Perhaps some sort of reversal upon that fungus he consumed....

(Drk generates a Minus Mushroom, and inserts it into Ness' Inventory.)

And as for that Trenzer fellow...

(Drk casts Unholy Flames upon Trenzer's Journal!)
And now to play the waiting game...

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '09, 3:36 am 
>_< Okay, Ness, inventory check time...

Ness: *250 feet.* Uh, I thought you WANTED to get this under control...

Yes, but you see, I don't trust ANY help Drk gives us in these regards. Because Drk is nose is screaming 'ulterior motives' at me. I just have a feeling this is a veiled attempt to turn the current situation on its head to his advantage, if you get my meaning. I'm just sure the risk is entirely worth it. I think we'd be better off figuring out on our own how to get it under control...because let's be honest, Drk's right about the 'squish' part. The good in this does outweigh the bad, for the time being.

Ness: *Considers for a moment.* Oh...yeah, I get you. I'd rather be huge and useful than tiny and useless. >_<

Good. *Produces a pair of tongs.* So, put me in your backpack and let me get rid of this thing.

Ness: *Puts Caged in his backpack, who starts rummaging around.* You know what I don't get? My stats are all skyrocketing, yet I don't gain any inventory space despite the fact that my backpack is huge.

RPG Logic. Stats can increase, but inventory space can't. Let's see...oh yeah, the statue...*Pokes her head out of the backpack.* You know, Ness, I gotta hand it to you, you ARE doing a good job resisting this statue that we can't get rid of for some reason. Doesn't seem to be affecting you at all. *Dives back into his backpack, and Ness' eyes flash red.* Let's see...ah-ha! Here it is! *Comes back out, with the minus mushroom held securely in the tongs.* Got it! Now to get rid of i-what the...?

Ness: *Blinks, eyes return to normal.* What?

*Blinks, shakes head.* Uh...nothing...guess I was just seeing things, readjusting to the light out here. *Jumps out.* Try the drop command...*Caged threw away the minus mushroom.* Okay, good to go. *Puts the tongs away and continues on. Ness follows while his eyes flash red again.*

(Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun dramatic reverb...)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '09, 6:13 am 
((Seeing as how it fits in the right category...))

((I've finished up work on what I consider a Pre-Alpha version of my RPG. If anyone is overly interested, I can provide a link to it.))

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