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PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, '09, 4:41 am 
Uhhh... I've been staring at a wall for the past while here... HEY? Where did everyone go? What's in my nose?

Hmm.... on my own now.... Dammit!

[OOC - I am seriously considering requesting Thoul to move this topic over to the Roleplaying section of the site considering the fact that it is what it has become pretty much... thoughts, questions, concerns? Just leave a OOC (Out of Character) comment]

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, '09, 6:07 am 
[OOC: I would not object.]

Ness: *Teleports in through a hole in the space-time continuum, which closes after he shoots out of it.* Keep up and pay attention, for the love of Giygas! *Grabs Trenzer by the hand and teleports back to everyone else.*

Thank you, Ness. >_<

Ness: Where would you people be without me? -_- *Releases Trenzer.*

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, '09, 5:31 am 
Uhhh.... What just happened?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, '09, 1:40 pm 
Moved to Roleplay. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, '09, 5:07 pm 
(Thanks Thoul. :) )

Ness: PSI Teleport, that's what happened!

That's a handy are all the rest of your PSI powers.

Ness: *Ignores Caged, just goes on.*

Someone's annoyed, geez. >_<

Ness: If I could, I'd probably replace all of you except Gwyn with my old party comrades. They were competent. -_-


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, '09, 6:14 pm 
...Thank the singular or possibly multiple dieties for that I'm up to date once again...uh...hmm. Might as well do something exciting.

Uh....I shall magically insert an item of pure evil into the Inventory of this 'Caged Wolf' adventurer I keep item so evil that it could possibly corrupt him/her long enough to sidetrack them from the main quest and go on a secondary quest to remove said cursed item!

Man, It's great to be a *. Mwahahahaha!!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, '09, 5:08 am 
*Writes in journal: And thus Drk did something evil to force the heroes party to stray away from the main story*

Well... I think I'm going to add a plot twist in my journal!

*Writes: And then A magical fairie came along and ate all the food*

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, '09, 4:11 pm 
Ness: -_- Well, we're out of food now. And you check your inventory, fleabag! *In the meantime, he starts trying to take Trenzer's journal.*

Alright, alright...why do I even HAVE an inventory, I'm a wolf, but anyway...*does so* know, I don't remember having this. *Presents a small golden horned statue.*

Ness: How did Drk get his hands on a Mani-Mani statue?! >_< Get rid of it NOW before anything bad happens!

Okay, let me try the drop command...*You shouldn't throw away the Mani-Mani statue!* Well, that failed. Ness, what is this thing? You seem familiar with it.

Ness: It's evil and I'll leave it at that. Since the drop command isn't working, we need to find some OTHER way to get rid of it because if it's kept long enough, it'll corrupt you. So, give it to me...I've dealt with it before, I know what to expect...I hope...*Caged gave the Mani-Mani statue to Ness.* Maybe we can sell it somewhere. Or maybe we gotta destroy it, I don't know. *Continues on.* Let's just go...I really want some action to release my pent-up annoyance.

*On cue, they, Trenzer, Kaloes and Gwyn get attacked by a random array of rabid wild animals.*

Woo! I can try these! *Grabs one end of her beads in her mouth and starts using them like a whip.* Awesome! This is-WAH! *Jumps out of a way as a random mushroom spawns over her head and starts sliding to the right.* What in the world?!

Ness: Oh, so now aspects of Smash brothers apply here too with items falling out of the sky? Geez...wait a minute...*breaks away from fighting and runs to the mushroom. As soon as he touches it, he grows to about three times his normal size, and the mushroom disappears.* It'll wear off within 12 seconds, which is JUUST long enough...*back to the fighting.*

o_O I hope it'll wear off! *Also back to fighting, but also keeps an eye on a stopwatch...somehow...RPG logic!* Hey, Ness, it's been 15 seconds and it hasn't worn off! *Continues to fight rabid wild animals.*

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '09, 2:24 pm 
Hmph. I should've figured that Ness would've known about that Statue. Oh well, for only 5.99 plus shipping on EvilBay (The Antagonist's main choice for auction sites!), it's still worth it. And sit back, relax..and let my minions seal up a god, or something for amusement.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '09, 5:09 pm 
Ness: Sealing up a god? That's what they tried with Giygas and look how well that worked out for him...

*Has a pen in her mouth with a book opened up in front of her.*

Ness: And what are you up to?

*Starts writing: Caged Wolf's log: J3009-Little has still been accomplished and I think we're all somewhat at fault for that. Drk continues to be evil and has recently slipped a Mani-Mani statue into our possession. Currently, Ness is carrying it as he knows what it is, but now, I'm questioning the wisdom of that. So far, we have no idea how to get rid of it. The drop command doesn't work and I suspect we can't sell it. Yesterday, we got attacked by a bunch of rapid animals. We managed to get rid of them with only one ill effect that we're aware of...*

Ness: How long have you been keeping this log?...and if you mean me, had I KNOWN that was the one in a billion...

*...a super mushroom fell out of the sky Ness went and touched it. It worked out fine for the fight, but it has yet to wear off. Not only that, but it seems to still be affecting him. I've noticed that he's been steadily getting bigger since then. This perplexes me.*

Ness: *20 feet tall.* Oh shut up, you sack of vomit! Like I don't know that already!

*I can't help but wonder why. Maybe it was a fluke, but nonetheless, I can't decide if this is good or bad. I'm banking on a little of both. Pauses briefly, as if thinking, then writes one more sentence. I've heard of adolescent boys having growth spurts, but this definitely falls under the 'ridiculous' category. Shuts her log and puts it away.*

Ness: -_- I hate you sometimes.

*Looks at him.* I'm not blaming you, Ness, you just made a bit of a mistake is all. But I think it might be in our best interests...unfortunately, to take up TWO side quests. Getting rid of that statue...and getting you back to normal. Before your growth gets too out of hand. >_< What do the rest of you think?

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