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PostPosted: Thu Jan 8, '09, 2:16 am 
Ness: *Rolls eyes, shakes head.* time we get attacked by a freaking POKEMON, please let me fight it. See, I fight them all the time in Smash Bros., so...who gives a crap about having usable pokemon?

Kid's got a point. *Nods.*

Ness: Thank you. Now let's try this AGAIN...

Hey, put you in charge?

Ness: Let's see...Trenzer's empty-headed, Kaloes is incompetent, you're stupid...but Gwyn's okay. I say Gwyn and I lead...and I've had experience leading an RPG party anyway!

-_- >_<

Ness: *Starts heading off, bat in his hand.* Let's...all just keep an eye on what's around us, m'kay?

*At that point a diamond shaped enemy sprite runs into the group.*

Ness: It's a Ghost of Starman!

A what-now?!

Ness: Bring him down, fast, before he uses PK Starstorm! *Beating the Ghost of Starman senseless with his bat.*

Okay...*Joins in, so does everyone else.*

*You win! The enemy dropped a present! Inside the present, there was a Goddess Ribbon. Ness took it.*

Ness:...well, too bad Paula isn't with us...anyone want this? *Holds up a plain looking ribbon.* Boosts your defense, but...can only be worn by girls.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 8, '09, 11:47 pm 
Episode 13

(Narrator: At least I think we're on Episode 13. This anime never really... wait was this a anime? And whats the deal with Mariah Carey, one moment she's black, another she's somewhat hispanic, and the other she's white. For once can't she just stay one color I like... *Ahem!* Where was I... Oh yea, *sigh* This job.. I shoulda just joined my sister and became a dancer named Big Jim.)

I feel midly disturbed now that this segment has begun.. I don't even want to head back out and try to defeat Drk anymore, I just want to go home.

Gwyn: Well tough cookies! You're suppose to be the brave man, now move!

*Sigh* Why does this happen to me

Kaloes you're whipped like any other man!

What the hell was that?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 9, '09, 5:01 am 
I... I heard that... >.>
I'm not whipped... Because I have a banana as a friend... Has anyone else noticed how friends taste so delicious?


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PostPosted: Fri Jan 9, '09, 3:54 pm 
Ness: I heard that too. So guess all the men are whipped...

Meaning if the men ARE whipped, something will effect everyone but you, me and Gwyn. Because you're a boy, I'm a wolf, and Gwyn's a woman.

Ness: Well, that kind of sucks...even if Trenzer continues to be empty-headed...


Ness: Good point. Trenzer, if that ba-

Ness, don't bother. If he wants to eat his friend the banana, let him. >_<

Ness: I guess...after all, it'll heal him some anyway.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 9, '09, 8:57 pm 
Banana good... Next time... I will need ice-cream and sprinkles, and chocolate sauce and peanuts to go with my banana... :o That was the last one! :cry:

>.> Oohhh... a shiny nickel!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, '09, 5:10 pm 
Ness:.....*grabs the nickel and shoves it up Trenzer's nose.*

Why did you just do that?!

Ness: I don't felt right, though.

I....see? >_< You know, at this rate, we're not going to accomplish anything for Thoul.

Ness: Which makes me wonder why a sword of nothingness that can only be wielded by the empty-headed is what we need.

Got me.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, '09, 5:50 pm 
(Sits back down in his Throne of Immense Evil.)
(Faces a servant.)

See? I freaking told you I could go to Japan without them accomplishing anything important! Ok, so....(Looks into the crystal ball.) Let's see what I've recorded. Thank you, CrysTivo.

(Rewatches everything from about two weeks ago on Fast Forward.) Ugh....this makes commercials look appealing...ok, that's enough. (Throws the crystal ball behind him, and pulls out a magazine and pen.) I'll just go back to doing crosswords and writing the script for the next game...

((>.> No, I didn't actually go to Japan. I'd love to, though. I just got bored and distracted for the past few weeks.))

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, '09, 6:10 pm 
Ness: -_- know, it's just not cool to be mocked by the villain for accomplishing nothing for several weeks.

Blame Trenzer and Kaloes...mainly Trenzer >_<

Ness: And their furry walking flea hotel of a cohort.

And you know, it doesn't help that you STILL seem to prefer just making wiseguy comments!

Ness: Well, I need to do SOMETHING while attempting to drag you dead weights along to get something accomplished against Drk! I feel like I'm trying to pull teeth...out of a mastodon. -_-

I'm not a dead weight! I'm trying to do SOMETHING, it's Trenzer and Kaloes, mainly, who are holding us back!

Ness: I'm not disagreeing with you, really, but I'm just saying that you...have your role in the stupidity too. Gwyn, what are your thoughts on the matter?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, '09, 6:19 pm 
Gwyn: I don't think we should be letting the wolf talk about our Kaloes like that. *Readies bow and exploding arrows*

What I do this time? I'm just walking along, trying to fight using a weapon I have a F ability in, my weapon level is only 2 so you know my weapon skill is only goin up by 0.01% every three kills so why am I using this weapon.

Gwyn: Cause you want to class change so you can become from a ordinary traveller into a adventurer, which will put you're bow skill up to B at best, while everything else will be SS.

So what level do I have to be to class change in this game?

Gwyn: According to my resources, we all get a class change at level 35, but at this rate we'll never make it past 10 if we keep staying in the bum areas trying to level Thoul who seems to have put his character on AFK mode for the last month.

So what do we do about that?

Gwyn: Call a GM, have him killed for botting, then yell out GM Abuse for the hell of it.

I like the idea, but lets see what everyone else thinks.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, '09, 6:45 pm 
Ness:...uh...Kaloes...maybe you SHOULD just use a weapon you're well-versed in, I think it'll help a lot.

Yeah, I think that will solve a good chunk of our problems, dude. And right about now, I think we need our problems solved so that we CAN accomplish something of worth in the coming days.

Ness: So if you do that, I think both of us will stop picking on you. But that still leaves the matter of Trenzer's empty-headedness...

Why? WHY must we have a sword that can only be wielded by the empty-headed?! Oy...>_< Oh well. Let's just...continue and see what happens. *Scratches claws on a tree.* Just need to keep these sharp...

Ness: And you know what else? Maybe, we should find some weapon that you can wield, too...just to spread some blame off Kaloes. I mean, eventually, our enemies are going to get strong enough that your teeth and claws won't do a whole lot. Look how weak Boney becomes towards the end of Mother 3. It's great you can detect enemy weaknesses and stuff with your sense of smell, detect stuff buried underground but...sooner or later that's all you'll be good for. And being a pack mule. know, you're right. >_< I'm going to have to find something that I can wield WITHOUT thumbs...which eliminates most of the obvious things, like swords, axes, bows...unless they're enchanted the right way. Hey, wait a minute...*looks down, notices a little handle sticking up from the ground. Digs it up. A little jingle plays while a treasure chest pops out of the ground.* Hmmm...*headbutts it to open it. A rosary, with each bead resembling a snowflake, pops out. You obtained: Tundra Beads!*

Ness: Err...

Well...*Grabs one end of the beads in her mouth, wraps it loosely around her neck, where they float just a little bit and circle*...perfect. ^_^

Ness: Well, that solves that problem, I guess...but we'll find out if we run into any bad guys. Anyways, uh...sure, if you two want to do that, go ahead, I s'pose. And oh yeah, sorry for the earlier mean words. Guess those were uncalled for.

*Straightens out beads a bit, making sure one end is accessible.* Go for it. Now, if I can find a Reflector...and maybe gold dust...and yeah, what Ness said about mean words. Shall we continue? *Heads on and Ness follows.*

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