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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 10:06 pm 
(Let me clarify, I don't have any version of RPG Maker. It's one of those things that I've been meaning to do for a LOOONG time and just still haven't gotten around to it. XD But you guys just let me know where you think you might wind up going with this, maybe I'll contribute ideas.)

Ness: Hmm, sounds like a Franklin Badge, kinda. *Takes the badge, returns to a more human size.* Well, hey, whaddya know, it worked! But I assume I have to keep it. Okay...well, thanks, I guess. *Sighs.* Though I wonder what those saps are up to...

*To Caged.*

Ugh...Trenzer and Kaloes, it's not going to be long before Drk starts mocking us again! And where did Ness go?! I really want to know that now!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 3:10 am 

What the hell just happened?

Gwyn: I.. don't know.. And how did we get on this train.

Oh god.. Oh god no!! I remember this place.. AHH I HATE FLASHBACKS!!!


Man 1: Please help us save the princess

Agggg I don't wanna do this again..

Man 1: Please help us save the princess

-____- Dood, don't you listen.. I said I don't wanna do this again..

Man 1: Please help us save the princess

Stupid generic NPC's.. Guess I got no choice.


Gwyn: Now where are we?


Old Woman: Welcome to my house of disturbing mirrors. If you can find the princess you can leave peacefully.

That one right there?

Old Woman: How did you know

Dood! I told you I've done this before.. GOD! Anyways..

Old Woman: <Explodes into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle>

Gwyn: Wheres the whoosh at when you need it.

Son of a.............................

<Screen fades to black and the Numa Numa song can be heard playing in the background>


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 4:57 am 
BAH! Everyone keeps disapearing on me. I see Ness gone, Kaloes and Gwyn. Heck I don't even know where the big doggie is... hmph!

Chatty: So, what are you going to do about it?

AHH! I talking rat!

Chatty: -_-' You sure know how to hurt a guy where it hurts... And I'm a SQUIRREL DAMMIT! A SQUIRREL!

So I can't eat the marshmellow?

Chatty: What?!

*Walks away*

Chatty: HEY! I'm talking to you! Get back here!

No.. -falls in a hole which is in the shape of a giant shoe- ahhh!!!

Chatty: How remarkable. It seems to be a giant footprint of some sort. Judging by the size of the footprint and the moisture of the dirt. I'd say that this was made about forty-five minutes ago by a giant.


Chatty: To simply put it. Big holes. We follow.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 4:07 pm 
*Rises out of the tall grass, in which she was laying and concealed.* Well, Trenzer...I think you may have actually accomplished something. No doubt if we follow these...we'll find Ness. I just have this very very bad feeling about why he ran off. *Jumps into the hole and pulls Trenzer out with her teeth.* As for Gwyn and Kaloes...well, I hear the Numa Numa song, I bet they have something to do with that. And this time...don't lose me.

*Follows the sound of the Numa Numa song, to eventually run into Gwyn and Kaloes.*

Yup...say, what's with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle now?

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 5:04 pm 
Ah, thank god for those gullible reptillian masters of Asian Stealth. Always willing to do stuff for a slice of pizza that's mysteriously floating in the air like one of those Power-ups you see in games.

Anyways...back to dealing with DarkNess. ((Bad joke, I'm know...but it works so well, darn it!))
That item there, since it's equipped like an Attachment to your 'Armour', it won't occupy up a space in your Inventory. For your partial benefit, we have different methods of Inventory Management. Personally, I use the '2Diablo' style, since it's easier for me when I'm using more than one set of weapons.

Now then...seeing as how your former allies are seemingly getting smart enough to track you down, there will be a likely chance that they'll show up around here within a few days. Well, provided no one uses that "TelePipe" technique. ((PS III fanatics may know which 'technique' I'm referring towards.))

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 6:48 pm 
(Ness' name is an infinite source of bad jokes, Drk. :D )

Ness:...I know I'm just a minion now, but I'm gonna kindly ask you to NOT make bad jokes out of my name. Dealing with inventory...well, I don't have a lot of stuff with me. Just a bat, a yo-yo, and a slingshot...hardly evil weapons, I know, but I also know how to use them...and I'm a kid, what do you expect? And really...I have PSI powers anywho. And they'll be smart right now but quickly devolve to an even MORE pathetic level of stupidity. *Fingers the badge.* If I take this off, I presume I just grow right back to where I was? And if so...that might be useful...especially if they DO show up. Now...gimme somethin' to do, I'm sick of all these 'how to be evil' lessons! Shouldn't it be the ACTIONS of a villain that MAKE the villain?!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 6:52 pm 
>.> Look, I didn't go through Hell University and got my Master's Degree just to be questioned by some kid whom I could easily destroy with one technique.

And if you really want something to do, then go track those idiots down, and fight them for a bit. I'll be here trying to determine a more efficiant solar-energized device to power our facilities.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 7:18 pm 
Ness: Now you're talking my language! And I'll do better than that...but first I have to violate one of your evil codes. *Changes back into his normal clothing.* Why just fight them...when I can mislead them into doing something REALLY stupid, get some info in the process, take off this badge, crush them and get them off your back for good? *Conceals the badge and teleports off.*

*As Ness comes shooting out of a dimensional hole.* NESS! There you are!'re normal...

Ness: *Shakes away soot.* Yes. I determined I wouldn't get anywhere with you, so...I ran off and found a way to undo it myself.

Oh. Well, that's great! One problem solved. But what about that statue?

Ness: Oh about that. I guess it was getting to me, but I'm alright now. Um...what's with the turtle?

Got me. *Turns away from him.*

Ness: *Then snickers under his breath.*

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, '09, 7:32 pm 
"Hmm. Kid's smarter than I thought. He ought to make a good evil sidekick...but he better not eat lay a finger, nor a foot, or anything for that matter on my Butterfingers."

Drk went to work on his Workbench/Sacrificial Table.

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