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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, '09, 5:07 pm 
(Looks towards the men who are now carrying the Announcer away.) Thank you, Thugs 4 Less.

>.> Wait a minute...I sense some sort of seismic activity. Which is weird, since the Thief's Almanac didn't say anything about earthquakes today. Then again, it was wrong on that nuclear detonation. Oh well, might as well go investigate it...

(Drk heads in the generalized direction of the 'seismic activity', and winds up outside near Drk's Rock Garden of Tranquility.)
((What? Every evil-doer needs a nice place to release stress. And...I really want a rock garden. And a Cherry Blossom tree.))

Hmm. The forces get stronger here...but I can't see anything beyond these tall, flesh-coloured coloums...Oh..wait...(Looks upwards.) It's only you.

Are the Giants in the valley over selling Girl Scout cookies again?

((Ok, reference from Ratchet and Clank, and also 8-bit Theater. You're welcome.))

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, '09, 6:10 pm 
(Got the Ratchet and Clank reference. :D )

Ness: *Looks down at him.* So you're Drk...I don't know anything about any girl scout cookies and I'm sure not here to sell them. What I'm actually here for is...well, how to say this...Caged, Trenzer and Kaloes are completely incompetent. My expectations for them are in the toilet, which is flushing. I was feeling totally useless...and I don't know, I started getting these strange evil urges. It's probably 'cuz of that Mani-mani statue you gave us, which I still have. *Scratches chin.* I want to feel useful and I'm sure not getting that feeling hanging around with them. Plus, I'm feeling more evil as time passes. So I'm offering my services to you. Is that okay?


I sense a disturbance...


Oh right, the announcer got carried away. Well, great, that means I have no way of figuring out where Ness went and what he's doing.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, '09, 7:54 pm 
(Turns away from Ness.) Hmm...What Would Batman Do?

((Dr. McNinja reference. Never heard of him? Look him up on Wikipedia.))

(Turns back around.) Very well then. I was considering having a worthy ally to my evil reign of terror. Though it'd probably be best if we got you reduced back to normal size...or at least some new clothing.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 12:04 am 
Ness: What's wrong with my normal striped shirt, jeans, backpack and red hat? Oh well...I do have alternate costumes in Brawl...and some people call one of them my 'gangster' colors for some reason, so...*somehow changes into his Brawl costume in which he's in a black shirt with a Mr. Saturn on it, black shoes, neon pink hat, and white backpack. Maybe they were in his backpack, but no one knows...or really cares.* This any better? Can I be your accomplice in evil now? And wouldn't I be more potentially useful to you if I am this big?

*Mean...oh, you get it now...*

*Laying on ground, sighs.* Well, I guess I can't totally blame Ness for running off, I just wish I knew what he was up to...

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 4:58 pm 
Ok, first off...evil guys wear black. It's..kind of our code. I mean, you can add a little variety with some secondary colour, but the primary must be black. Black shoes, black socks, black boxers/briefs...everything. Oh, and a Cape. Either a cape, a cloak, a robe, or a body-length jacket. Something that can flow out behind you majectically when you walk. And...also because chicks dig a guy who knows how to be evil, wears a lot of black, and has a cape. Scientificly proven fact. I mean, why else do you see women always up on the evil guy in black instead of Mr. Goody-Goody Two-Shoes?'ll need somewhere to stay eventually, not to mention the fact that I'm not washing your freaking clothing at that size. Do you know how many quarters it would take for your shorts alone?! Gah! And I am so not restructuring my Evil Lair just to make you fit. It cost me enough Meseta to get a pool of acid built in...

((Methinks I spelt the name of the currency wrong. I'm sorry if I did!))

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 5:59 pm 
(Think you got the spelling right.)

Ness: Well, I got some black on now...and it's all I have. At least give me some credit and hey, my hair is black. And I don't want to wear a cape. I'm 10, I don't care about girls yet. They still have cooties as far as I'm concerned. *Thinks.* I wasn't going to ask you to remodel your lair just for me...I'll figure that out on my own...if I bother and until then, I'll stay right out here unless you don't want me to. I wasn't going to ask you to take care of me, I was just asking if I could become your newest minion. Sheesh, try to do something nice for a person and this is what you get...

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 7:31 pm 
((I knew you'd make that reference to assist my reference.))

Drk glares up at Ness. "Look, I do what I can to treat my followers properly. Despite all claims, I do have a metaphorical and literal heart. And Since even Giants can get colds, we've got to cram you somewhere. know...I think I've got an idea....give me two minutes." He ran back inside of his Evil Lair, heading for an unknown destination. Ironic, really, the evil Hacker having to do a Fetch Quest.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 8:23 pm 
Announcement! February 11, 2009

After randomly communicating with Trenzer, we are planning on doing a project of sorts with RPG Maker VX. The goal at the moment is to finish the half-baked job the Pirates did, and recreate Phantasy Star IV in a 8-bit fashion. I'll stress that last part because it's easier to replicate it than to directly use the palette of the NES.

Once, if it happens, we complete that goal, the next one would be to expand upon PS IV. This could be done by possibly adding in new things (Items, Monsters, Areas to explore, etc.) or to perhaps even create entire "Expansions" or side-stories to it. Obviously, this is all imaginative thinking and whatnot, and I don't think we'll reach this point any time this year.

And since this is a PS-loving community, it would be crazy of me not to let the other members participate. Want to help out? Got some advice? Want to contribute some sort of weird idea we could use in the future? We'd like to hear it!

And that's...seemingly it. I will wait for your random replies.

-- Kahrne Annabelle Lee
Aka DrkTr14ce

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 9:40 pm 
Ness: * Drk run off, thinks to self.* Well, that didn't go over as well as I'd hoped, had no idea there were so many technicalities for being evil, sheez. Ugh...feeling increasingly unappreciated 'round here, maybe I should just strike off on my own after all...oh well, I'll see what Drk does when he comes back...*Sits down and waits*...maybe he'll stop caring about this technical crap and let me do things.

(I'll offer whatever limited help I can, seeing as how I do not have RPG Maker VX. I might be able to offer ideas.)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, '09, 9:48 pm 
((Thank you, Caged Wolf. Though thanks to some brainstorming with Trenzer and Snorb, we've thought about going with XP or 2K3 instead. We would appreciate any ideas.))

Drk quickly returned with an off-looking badge made of metal. "Here...this should work. An item given to the Giants, it shrinks them down to more human sizes, so they can better communicate with us. Plus it can reflect 80% of all Electric/Lightning-based attacks."

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