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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:46 am 
(I just changed it a few minutes ago... >.> THought it would suit it better considering the facts)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:51 am 
((Yeah, I would assume so. Also, insert Monty Python line relating to coconuts in here.))

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 7:00 am 
(Also, I PMed you!)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 4:37 pm 
Trenzer wrote:(Maybe instead of plaguing this topic with the on topicness that it should have been, perhaps we could PM each other?)

( :rofl: It was your fault anyway, Trenzer, deciding that Kaloes and I would have a stupid argument! :p )

Ness: *300 feet.* Oh shut up, don't bring that up AGAIN! *Intending to step on Caged's tail and only her tail to get his point across.*

o_O NESS DO-*squished*........ow... know, I was intending to only step on your tail, but missing entirely somehow felt kind of good and right...hmm, I sense a power shift.

Ow...please scrape me off of here...

Ness: Oh, can it. -_- Now, Chatty, that giant red thing that's an apple will land 30 feet away from us...because that's what Trenzer wrote in his journal. *Giant red apple lands 30 feet away.* However, I stubbornly refuse to look at it like it's God himself. *Goes and grabs the apple, with Caged still splattered on the bottom of his shoe.* There. Gorge yourselves, even though RPG Logic dictates you don't need to. here...

Ness: How do you still have hit points left?!

Got me... :dizzy:

Ness: I wonder if this will also feel good and right. *Stomp stomp stomp...* Hmm, it does.

OW! I've only got one hit point left, STOP!

Ness: So what?! We're the good guys, so if you die we can revive you anyway, unless you HAVE to die for a plot device! In which case we can get around it through hacking!

I don't care...just scrape me off of here and heal me!

Ness: *Stomp. Caged got hurt and was knocked out.* Ahh, silence...*Uses a finger to scrape Caged off his shoe, uses PSI Healing to revive her.*

-_- That was not amusing.

Ness: *Smiling.* I disagree.

We're getting rid of that Mani-mani statue Drk gave us.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 5:06 pm 
(Sigh) Ok, so....that child with the mind powers is still growing, and they haven't figured out how to get rid of the statue. (Looks about, seeing an empty room poorly lit by torches.)

At the pace this is going, I could destroy Japan's seemingly endless supply of hairgel for it's anime characters, the cosplayers, and all of it's jRockers. Seriously. Get the lead out, Heroes, before I die of old age!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:15 pm 
(Drk I played your demo also, its fun but could use some work. I'm not really into working on VX but I know more about 2000/2003)

(Kaloes catches up to the group, waving his arms with a goofy look on his face)

Hey guys! Took me awhile to find you...

Gwyn: What in Aunt Laya's name happened to Ness?

Wait wait wait? Aunt Laya? Wasn't Laya that pretty woman you called mother?

Gwyn: Well, my grandma was kinda a oddball, naming both my mom and my aunt Laya.

Well, that still doesn't make sence.. When I remake the game using RPGMaker the battle between Orakio and Laya will be fleshed out more, as well as your moms name will be changed. Also, will we be meeting Kara in this topic?

Gwyn: Highly doubt it, she's to busy back on the Alisa III flirting with my brother, trying to become the next queen of Landen.

Lucky *******

Gwyn: What

I mean uhh. You know you're the only guardian spirit for me

Gwyn: Since when did I become a guardian spirit?

Since I decided it, besides it makes the plot somewhat better then having a random Phantasy Star character join us.

Gwyn: Well you got a point, anyways, maybe we should try to figure out why Ness is growing so much.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 7:00 pm 
* the Mani-mani statue with a hammer in an attempt to destroy it, failing epicly.* To answer your question, Gwyn, Super Smash. Bros.: Brawl logic reared its ugly head for a moment and spawned a super mushroom out of nowhere which Ness went and touched. Sure, it helped at the time, but for reasons I don't understand, it didn't wear off like it was supposed to and is still affecting Ness at this very moment. I'm wondering if this freakin' statue has anything to do with that...and I'm also sure it has to do with the fact that Ness is starting to act a missed it, but he stomped on me. Repeatedly. >_<

Ness: *325 feet.* I can tell you right now, you won't destroy it by hitting it with a hammer.

Shouldn't you know how to destroy it anyway?!

Ness: Um...I'm not going to tell you.


Ness: I like getting corrupted! I had no idea I was missing out on so much fun by acting evil! So gimme that statue back, I want it to corrupt me more!

@%&$! >_< Fine...*pulls out the Earthbound player's guide and starts looking up how to destroy the statue while Ness takes it back.* Curse you, Drk!

Ness: know, Drk HAS accomplished more than you retarded sacks of manure. I feel as useless as chopsticks in a German restaurant...maybe I should make myself useful and accomplish something...EVIL.

...for the love of...>_<...don't you DARE.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 7:01 pm 
((Ah, another soul to add to my Jars of Fools who tested my game. Seriously though, kindly send me some more detailed opinions about the game. I'd like to hear them and possibly make use of them whenever I get back to work on it.))

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 7:19 pm 
Huh. So statue, or whatever you call it, is working after all...

I should use this to my advantage. But first...


(Looks at his Watch of Chaos.) ...Ugh. Time really needs to slow down....(Heads off for his Kitchen. Oh, right. His Infamous Kitchen of Bad Designer Taste.)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, '09, 5:35 am 
You know, I really feel like writing down things that have happened, but I can't because I gave up my log to Trenzer. *Sighs.* Freakin' Mani-mani statue screwing this all up, I knew I should've taken it back from Ness. *Yells into sky.* CURSE YOU DRK!


*In epic movie style, the camera pans over the landscape. Towns, meadows, rivers, forests, you name it. Many are peaceful and quiet. But suddenly, a tract of forest comes into view in which trees are flattened. A small peaceful town lies in ruins. What is happening?!

*Pan to: Drk's evil lair of extreme evilness.*

Ness: *Pacing around back and forth near Drk's evil lair. He is...uh...really huge.* There's gotta be a way in SOMEWHERE...or I can get his attention somehow...hmmm...or maybe he knows I'm out here already...*stops pacing for a moment.* But does he know I want to offer my services to him because he's competent? Oh well, he'll figure it out...*continues pacing, looking for how to get in.*

Epic voice: Tune in next post for-*a group of men hogtie the announcer and carry him away, silencing him.*

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