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PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '09, 7:07 am 
[I'm interested!]

*Text box pops up* -Drk casts flame-
* journal ignite* -journal catches ablaze-
*throws water on journal* -journal is damaged-

... Why would he do that to my journal where I write fantastical stories in? *Lifts sword of nothingness* I swear, by this sword... ahh screw it, I'll just get a new journal.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '09, 7:34 am 

((The following game contains work done by a man with little experience with the Program. There are bound to be grammatical errors and inconsistancies within it, along with a few other problems. You have been warned.))

((Also, I'm aware that it's missing a bit of music. I'll be fixing that another time. Anyways, you may not catch some of the jokes. If so, please go see 8-bit Theater and Unforgotten Realms. You're welcome.))

((One last thing. Thanks for trying it out!)) ... a.exe.html

Well, at least I got one thing accomplished...

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '09, 9:11 pm 
Huh? What happened? Last thing I remember we were talking about something then there was a long pause..

Gwyn: Don't you remember? You were hit on the head with a coconut awhile back and you passed out.

I don't remember...

(Flashback) (Kaloes walking in the field)

:note: We can do it.. oh yes we can.. We can save, all of the land.. :note:
:note: No matter what, we'll always strive. No matter what.. We'll survive! :note:

<PONG> :dizzy:

(Back to the Present)

Oh yea, so where is everyone?

Gwyn: I don't know, they decided to ditch us when you went absent.. I mean, when you passed out.

Alright, well lets go find them.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 4, '09, 10:08 pm 
(Thanks, Drk, I might have to give it a spin at some unknown point in the future.)

(Kaloes, you returned! *Glomp*)

Here, Trenzer, you can take my journal, you seem to have more fun with them anyways. But, it doesn't affect events like your old least not to my knowledge. *Adds her journal to Trenzer's inventory.* Knock yourself out.

Ness: *275 feet.* You know, I was thinking...we MIGHT want to just make camp for a night and let Kaloes and Gwyn catch up.

Hmm...probably a pretty good idea, Ness. Man, will they be surprised to see you...>_<

Ness: Look at it this way. They can probably find us easy enough if they just follow my footprints. And next time a coconut falls on Kaloes' head and knocks him out, I'm just using PSI healing and reviving him.

Where did that coconut come from anyway...?

Ness: I don't know. By the way, was I hearing things or was there some dramatic music at the end of your last post?

You heard it too? Hmmm...wonder what it means.

(*The beginning notes in Beethoven's fifth symphony play.*)

Ness: There it is again, what does it mean...*eyes flash red.*

Uh...Ness? Your eyes are red.

Ness: *Eyes normal.* What?

...uh...yeah, we need to get rid of that statue, kid, I have a baaaad feeling that it's starting to get to you.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 4:40 am 
(Haven't seen you in awhile Kaloes, I'm assuming you still have no internet?)

*Writes in journal* -Several days have passed since the fairy ate all the food, some of the party felt a gnaw of hunger but yet, RPG Logic set in allowing everyone to go on like they don't need food. Randomly, a giant apple fell from the sky, landing thirty feet from Ness who looked at the apple as if it were god himself. Ness grabbed the apple and shared it with everyone who cared to have some, even the talking Squirrel named Chatty-

Hmmm.... -Squirrel walks up-

Chatty: Hey, I'm Chatty! Nice to meet you!

You know, your name sounds familliar....

Chatty: Well, my mother did say she gave me a fairly common name so, perhaps that's it!

Oh... well, I suppose that makes sense.

Chatty: Woah!


Chatty: Giant red thing in the sky!


(Drk, played your demo and I will say, if this is your first project it is quite impressive thus far. You do need some practice with map making and need to work out the game mechanics a bit [encounter rate mainly, first step in game and I was in a battle, also in the hole there was so many events that it made the game lag] but other than that really, it was good. If you'd like, I could help you if you wish. I could even teach you about a few tips I've learned along the way)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:17 am 
((Hmm. So that explains where you went. Though it doesn't explain the existance of the coconut..))

@ Trenzer:((Thank you. I'm glad to know someone played it. As for the level designing, I know I could probably use a hand on that one. You know, make it look a bit more....natural? And for the Encunter Rate, even during my playthroughs, I did get in fights quite a bit. I think I'll double the number I have it at now. And for the third, it's obviously lagging from all the torches. methinks I should take down the ones on the wall. Any furhter input would be nie. Especially with the Humour. I did go into the shop and 'looked' at the items, right?))

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:26 am 
(I guess I must of missed the items part. But I just redownloaded VX and remembered exactly why I hate using it. When you make maps, to me it seems as if everything is an unnatural square so I can't even use some of the map making techniques I learned on RMXP. Man, on RMVX my maps remind me alot of what it was like back when I first started using RPG Maker. Just curious Drk, what made you choose RMVX anyway? *Goes off to see the items part*)

Man.... I remember back in my other journal, I wrote something about a coconut falling because I was bored... Good times good times...

Chatty: What does that have to do with a giant red thing flying towards us?!

Absolutely nothing...

Chatty: *Slaps Trenzer in the face with tail*

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:34 am 
((Why did I choose it? Uh...I went under the old gaming philosophy that 'a sequel is always better than the one before it.' Appearantly that way of thinking didn't quite work out, eh? Lol.

And as for the Items...yes, I added Events to a few of them. I got the idea of this mainly from the humorous freeware title * Smallwood, where most objects had 'events' to them, usually with a funny or sarcastic remark spoken by * himslf when he attacks said item. Also, I do hope you remember to talk to the People. know, they have something to say sometimes.))

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:38 am 
(Maybe instead of plaguing this topic with the on topicness that it should have been, perhaps we could PM each other?)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 5, '09, 6:44 am 
((That might work better. Also, when did the name of this Topic change? o.o))

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