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 Post subject: Rocky movies
PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, '13, 2:53 am 
Is anyone else a fan of the "Rocky" series of movies?? The first original "Rocky" movie was released in theaters probably over 20 years or so ago and since there there has been several sequel movies including, "Rocky II", "Rocky III", "Rocky IV", "Rocky V", and the last one "Rocky Balboa" which was only a few years ago.

Well, today I read that there is going to be a spinoff of the "Rocky" movies and it will be titled "Creed" and will focus on the character Apollo Creed's grandson. Slyvester Stallone (Rocky) will have some part in the movie also.

This is wonderful news. The "Rocky" movie saga are some of my very favorite movies and I watch them all the time. I have some of them on VHS and some on DVD, and I wear them out playing them constantly. I have been wishing they would revisit these movies and I always thought they should have done more with the character of Apollo Creed and his family as he was an important part of the Rocky saga also.

I can hardly wait to see this. Although I know very little about the actor chosen to play the part of Apollo Creed's grandson as of now.

Anyone else looking forward to this new movie?

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 Post subject: Re: Rocky movies
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, '19, 8:53 pm 
I just read a very interesting article in "Variety" magazine by actor Sylvester Stallone in which he talks about the "Rocky" films among other films and issues. According to what I read in the article, there may soon be another "Rocky" film in the works where Rocky befriends an immigrant in the USA, etc. Sounds interesting. ... 203275639/

What does everyone think? Would you like to see another "Rocky" movie?

 Post subject: Re: Rocky movies
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, '19, 11:56 am 
Sounds very interesting ! Rocky movies have always been great ! :)

 Post subject: Re: Rocky movies
PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, '22, 5:52 pm 
Stallone is in the news regarding Rocky but because of ownership rights, etc. Wonder what is up with this: ... y2i2r9AIzE ... angry-post

 Post subject: Re: Rocky movies
PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, '22, 10:28 am 
Very strange... :(

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