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 Post subject: The Fall Guy
PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, '13, 2:36 pm 
It seems that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be doing a movie version of the old TV show "The Fall Guy" which starred actor Lee Majors ("The Big Valley", "The Six Million Dollar Man"). This is good news and it will be fun seeing how The Rock portrays this character. In the TV series the main character was a stuntman in the movies who also moonlighted as a professional bounty hunter. Always a lot of action and excitement going on. ... r-mcg.html

If anyone is not familiar with this TV show, I urge you to check it out either in TV reruns or on DVD, which I happened to do several months ago and really enjoyed the show. Also in the TV series, Lee Majors also sung the title theme song and he was a pretty good singer. The TV show also featured a younger male sidekick for the bounty hunter and a young, sexy, female relative and co-worker as well. Reminded me of the Three Musketeers in one sense as how they worked together sometimes.

I am eagerly looking forward to this movie!! Anyone else familiar with this TV show?

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