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The year was AW 2286. Two years had passed since the great battle against the Profound Darkness and our heroes had gone their seperate ways. During this time of peace the island city known as Uzo had began to trade with the outside world. Over the course of many months many things were created, one of these things would be known as Anime. Our story takes place on a peaceful afternoon in the town of Aiedo. Chaz Ashley and Rika had just finished remodeling the house, finally setting up a antenna to view broadcasts that would be coming from Uzo.

"Rika" Chaz called out. Chaz had just finished his day working at the Hunters Guild and was ready to see what his wife had planned for him that afternoon. "You're still sitting in front of that box?" He asked. Noticing Rika had not moved from the living quarters in three days. It seemed no matter how hard he tried he could not move her from her seat. "I'm sorry Rika, but this is for your own good." He said. Walking to the box he reached behind and pulled the extension from the wall, killing the power of the box. Rika gasped for a moment. Her eyes were bloodshot, her odor natrocious, Rika had become a completely different person than the woman Chaz fell in love with.

"I want you to go outside for awhile. Until then this is not being plugged in again." He told her. Scratching her head for a brief moment she stood from her seat. She stretched her body, bones could be heard popping as she extended her arms. Not able to keep her balance well she staggered towards the front door, making her way outside. "What am I going to do with that girl?" Chaz thought to himself as he carried the box to the basement. Outside the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Covering her eyes with her arm Rika walked down the street hoping to get some fresh air.

Rika made her way to the town square. Taking a seat on the bench just outside the marketplace she stared at the recently built fountain just a few feet away. "That feels good." She thought to herself as a slight gust of wind passed by. Looking up towards the sky she noticed a small object falling. The object fell with great haste as it landed behind the market building. "I wonder what that was?" She thought. At that same moment a loud uproar was coming from inside the market. Being chased out of building was a green haired man. "After him, he just murdered that woman!" One of the hunters yelled out. Rika glanced on as the man ran by. "You'll never be able to catch me. For I am Zion Mage, the worlds best thief." The man yelled out as he made his way through the town.

Not wanting to get caught in the commotion Rika found herself taking the long way home. Her walk would eventually lead her pass a alleyway in the back to the marketplace. "I wonder what that was?" She thought. Taking a few steps backwards she looked around. Noticing no one was around she walked into the alleyway. "A book?" She asked herself. Noticing a small black notebook on the gound. Leaning down she picked up the notebook, opening it to the first page.

1: The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

2: This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

3: If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.

4: If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

5: After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Closing the book she stood there for a brief moment. "What is this? Someones idea of a sick joke?" She thought to herself. Freaked out, but at the same time a little interested she placed the book in her pack and made her way back home. The door opened and Chaz was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner for his loving wife. "So your finally home? Did you have a nice walk?" He asked. She looked at him for a moment to notice he had tears dripping down his face. "Don't worry about me hun. Its just the onions." He said while he was wiping his eyes. Rika turned towards the hallway. "I think I'll go listen to the radio in the guest room ok Chaz?" She said. With a nod and a smile Chaz turned his gaze back towards the food that had just caught fire.

Closing the door of the guestroom Rika slightly turned the lock. Walking to the table she turned on the small lamp and took out the notebook. "Writing a persons name huh? Theres no possible way this can be true." She thought to herself. Placing the book to the side she reached towards the radio. Turning the small nob she moved the antenna on top, trying to clear the static. "Members of the hunters guild have cornered the thief in the murder of a local woman today. The man is currently holding a small girl hostage at knifepoint." The news reporter said. Rika's attention was completely focused on the broadcast. "It appears the man continues to claim he is Zion Mage, the worlds best thief. The hunters are hesitating to move in on account of the girls life." It was said.

Rika's mind began to wander for a moment. A vision of the man who ran out of the marketplace came to mind. "Thats where I remember that name." She thought. Turning her gaze back towards the book she thought for a moment. "Maybe I should test it? No harm right?" She wondered. Taking a pin from the cup on the table she opened the notebook to the first blank page. "So if writing the name in this book they will die. By focusing on the persons face and name within 30 seconds they should die." She thought. Writing quickly she wrote down the name Zion Mage. Her attention once again returned to the radio. She began counting down the seconds in her mind.

"27, 28, 29, 30......... I knew it. It was all a..." She said before she was interrupted by the news reporter. "The man has collapsed. The hostage is alright. Hunters are running to take the man into... This just in.. The man has just died.. Cause of death.. It appears he had a heart attack." The news reporter said. Rika's eyes widened as her mind began to wander again. The power of the book was real, she had just killed a man without lifting a finger. She began to chuckle at the very idea of her committing this act. Closing the book she placed it in the dresser drawer. Locking it she made her way back to the living quarters where she would have dinner with her husband.

Many days would pass after the first name was written. Countless criminals were dying and there was no explanation in why it was all happening. Many pages were filled with many names in such a short time. On the fourth day Rika had just finished writing in the book. Closing the book she placed it in the dresser once again. She walked to the window and looked towards the town, glancing at the people that were passing by. Each time a person would pass all she would do is laugh. Taking a long pause she gazed on at the town, and begun to think.

I'll start by writing the names of the worst fellons. Think of it as the world's spring cleaning. Eventually, nobody will be able to do anything bad. And, while people who obviously deserve to be punished are dying of heart attacks, immoral people and people who harass others... little by little they'll disappear, dying of illness or in accidents. Then, the world will surely become a better place! Then I can build a world inhabited only by those people I decide are good! And I... will reign over a new world as a god!

Chaz walked in the next day with a warm rag. Placing it on Rika's head he sat down in the chair next to her. "Yo Chaz!" Hahn yelled. Walking into the house he made his way towards their bedroom. "Rika still hasn't woken up yet?" He asked. Chaz shook his head slowly. "Its been five days so far. And nothing new." He said. Glancing back towards Rika he looked at her. "Everytime I come in here though she seems to have a smile on her face. And not a good smile. It actually scares me sometimes." He told Hahn. Scratching his head he wondered for a minute. "Do you think she's having a dream about all that anime she was watching?" He asked. He continued to look on at Rika. "I hope not old friend.. I hope not.."

The End
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