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Rika Artwork

Rika Artwork

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, '11, 11:05 am 
Ah, so he emerges from hiding! :p

Anyway, thanks Atlinja. I enjoyed doing this one. (Except when I redid the skin) It made a nice change to do something with a bit more colour to it than my more recent stuff. Certainly looks different in comparison to my first Rika drawing. :D Which reminds me, maybe it's time I did that one again for the sake of a progress check, though maybe not so much a direct copy this time.

Hard to believe it's been 9 months since I started. And to think I was going to put it off for a while longer. The same goes for trying digital colouring too. I only did that because I fancied poking around in PS Elements to pass the time. 8 hours later and... Though I do owe a lot of my progress to other artists, either for inspiration or advice. I've been lucky in that regard. Very much so.

So with that in mind, stick at it Atlin and you'll get there in your own time. Though maybe not 9 months. That's only because I am incredibly unforgiving with myself at times. It can be a bit annoying but it's worth it. ^^

Anyway, as for the sky. I'm quite pleased with it too, though I'd maybe put less clouds in next time. I would have preferred the colours to blend a bit better too, but then I was working from a tutorial that did this using Paint Tool SAI, which works a little differently.

Anyway, moment of reminiscence over. I'ze got me some new lineart to finish drawing. :p

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