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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, '14, 4:12 am 
I saw this while browsing online the other day and it kinda struck me as a little ridiculous...what do ya'll think? ... sh-n135341

What in the world is an item like this doing in in a place like this I am wondering?? I would image that this item would fetch a hefty price if the right person wanted it bad enough for a collectible type item, etc.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, '14, 8:29 pm 
Kind of ridiculous but also it may be a good way to create fuel: ... oss-the-us

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, '14, 6:49 am 
I like most artwork and can appreciate it to some extent, however, I think this fits in the "ridiculous" category: ... 4/23eumyuv

Kinda creepy, in a way. Jmho!

What does everyone else think?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 7, '14, 5:12 am 
The coast guard had to rescue this guy from the sea after he tried making a journey from one place to another, but he wasn't traveling by boat. Take a look at what he was traveling in: ... ories.html

Now to some this may seem like a weird and crazy idea, but actually I think this is a pretty interesting and good idea. A bit exhaustive maybe but with a little more planning it might have worked. He seemed to have made the previous journey okay. Maybe if he had a friend along to share the work and also for companionship it might help on longer journeys. Any other ideas???

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, '15, 10:04 pm 
It looks like current Secretary Of State, John Kerry, was fined for not shoveling snow from one of his residences: ... 00197.html

Kerry has paid the fine and the snow has been removed from what I understand. However, was this a little ridiculous to fine a Secretary Of State who may not have even been in the country at the time, and I would be surprised if Kerry got out there and shoveled the snow himself but rather he probably had help to do such a maybe the help, or whoever didn't get rid of the snow fast enough, should have paid the fine instead. Also, is it going a little too far in fining people this soon when the place is trying to recover from a snow storm?? Ridiculous, or not??

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, '15, 8:08 pm 
Uh, if you have one of these movable floor vaccum cleaners, you may not want to take a nap on the floor while they are in use as it could be danderous: ... 44539.html

PostPosted: Tue Jun 9, '15, 4:31 pm 
How ridiculous is this? A Woman supposedly claims to own the sun, but even more ridiculous than that, she seems to have possibly been trying to sell land there????? ... ate-there/

PostPosted: Tue Jun 9, '15, 7:28 pm 
The UK's legal system is famously favorable to litigators, including extremely pointless, stupid lawsuits like this one.

But what's most unbelieveable, or maybe ridiculous, to me is that people have actually buying land on the sun (which doesn't even exist, it's all gas) from this lady.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, '15, 7:16 am 
Sigh. I see things like this, or those people who spray vinegar in the air to combat "vapor trails" or whatever, and just get really let down in the direction of humanity. It ranks up there with idea that the moon being made out of cheese, or that "heaven" is a place in the sky above clouds.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, '15, 11:28 pm 
While this next story is kind of ridiculous in some ways, in other ways it is a very genius way of using this type of material, and I must admit that some of these items look very nice also. What do you think of using toilet paper to make wedding dresses? ... cid=AARDHP

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