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 Post subject: Rich Pets
PostPosted: Thu Jun 9, '11, 9:59 pm 
Many dogs and cats have been left considerable fortunes by their deceased owners, making them very rich pets indeed.

Remember when wealthy Leona Helmsley died....well, she left her favorite dog about $12 Million, and now that dog has died: ... ?GT1=43001

May he R.I.P. He lived a long life (12 years or so, which would be about 84 in human years). He was a cute dog.

Now all that money goes back to a trust, I suppose.

According to the article here, there are some animals even richer than this pooch.

Would you leave your pet a couple million dollars, if you had a couple millon dollars, that is. :p

 Post subject: Re: Rich Pets
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, '11, 8:35 pm 
If I had that much to spare, sure, why not? It would ensure the pet is well taken care of for the rest of it's life.

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