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PostPosted: Thu Jun 6, '13, 4:50 am
Hey guys, as you know I have a story on this site called Phantasy Star Story. This is the retelling so to say, the remake. I'm going to be updating this whenever I feel like because I'm not so good at keeping schedules. There will be many similarities in this as to the other story, but there will be many differences as well. I made these changes as I feel they will help the story be deeper and just overall, more enjoyable. There will be some of the original paragraphs in as well, because I like the way they are. I guess that;s all I have to say, so enjoy the adventures of Sinah Advance, and have a good day.

Chapter One - A Busy Morning
A small child walked alone in a field, a smile was on his face. He was on an adventure. He was off to see his friend. The smile soon faded to pure terror, as a Scorpius appeared. The child's screams seemed to fall on deaf ears as he ran away. Beginning the giant red bio-monsters hunt.

Despite hard the child ran, it didn't matter as he tripped, scraping his knees on the ground. But he felt nothing as turned and saw the creature about to descend on him. The boy tried to scramble to his feet and run away, but froze in his tracks as he saw another Scorpius blocking his path. There were now two giant beasts after him, but they both knew there wouldn't be enough for each, so they attacked each other.

The boy did his best to dodge the collision as pincer met pincer, and their stingers attempted to breach each others shells, but his effort was in vain as he tried to run away, getting caught in a pincer, the creature was about to cut the boy in half, who was now screaming in pain as his skin began to get caught.


A sharp gust wind erupted from the end of a giant sword, Cutting the boy free from the Scorpius pincer, the boy fell hard on the ground, wind knocked from him. A man wearing dark blue armor and graphite goggles came running, joining the battle as his sword cut everything in site. With that, the boy lost consciousness.


6:12 am, Nalya. A young man with spiked, dirty blonde hair awoke from his slumber. He lay on his back staring at the ceiling. "A dream of the past huh?" was all he said as he sat up. A knock came from his door, it was from his sister "BRROOOTHHHERR! Time to wake up sleepyhead! It's your big day!" "Be down in a minute," Sinah said as he stretched.

That's right
, he thought, Today I obtain my hunter's license. It's my big day, I got to try my best.

He looked toward his black t-shirt, putting it on to hide his well defined scars that go across his chest and back. He put on his hooded vest as well, almost as if to secure the shirt in place. Reaching for his bed post, he picked up a pair of graphite goggles, with light blue lens. He ran his thumb across the letters BIRK, thinking back to the day when the famed hunter saved him. The day when he received those goggles from his hero. The day when he decided he wanted to be a hunter as well.

After getting dressed and grabbing some breakfast, he left for Aiedo, the capital of Motavia. It lay west of Nalya, his quiet hometown. It normally took three hours to walk if he encountered no biomonsters. Strapped to his side lay a standard issue Hunters Knife. Long had he practiced with the blade so that this day may one day come. Today is the day he would become a hunter. So he could do good in the world.


An hour had passed already since Sinah had left his hometown. Not a single creature was in sight. He thought it was odd considering the fact that there was a recent outbreak in bio-monsters. He looked towards the west, seeing the area in which he was attacked many years prior.

Hearing a scream, Sinah snapped out of his trance and drew his Hunting Knife, running towards the sound. Without hesitating, Sinah thought back to all of his training, all of his classes, and anything that led to this one moment. Finally turning around a giant rock he saw a young woman trapped as a Locusta went to strike.

"FOI!" Sinah yelled as he extended his hand, feeling energy build up into a fireball which launched towards the giant creature. It didn't do much damage, but it did serve it's purpose as the creature was knocked off balance. Still charging towards the woman's assaulter, Sinah swung his dagger forward, missing the preying mantis as it launched it's own attack.

Rolling out of the way, he got back to his feet and charged forward, switching his knife to a defensive state, as he thought of a way to defeat the creature and save the young woman. The creature swung it's arm, knocking Sinah to the ground. Using it's speed it went in for the kill, but a rock caught it off guard as the woman yelled "Leave him alone!"

That's right, Sinah thought, if I can't even protect one person, then I shouldn't even become a hunter. But how can I do this?

He had an idea. Not exactly sure if it would work, he would have to try anyway. He moved his Hunters Knife from his left hand to his right. He ran up to the biomonster, he jumped over an arm which flew past him. He swung his blade fast and wildly towards the ground, stabbing into the soft earth beneath the battle. "EARTH!" He cried out.

It worked! The monster stayed paralyzed. He turned towards the female and ran, "Get out of here!" Without responding, she ran towards Aiedo. Sinah followed as well, glancing once more at the immobilized creature.

Once the two Palmans were far enough away, they both stopped to catch their breathe, looking back once more to see if they were being stalked. Satisfied, Sinah turned to the young woman. "What brings you out here on Motavian Plains?" She looked at him with a strange look, perhaps it was his sudden curiosity. After debating a brief moment she replied, "My father is sick and I wish to see him." "Does he live in Aiedo?" The girl nodded.

"Well you see, I'm actually going to Aiedo myself and, uh, I was wandering if, if you would like an escort?" He said in a polite yet shy manner. She began observing him, as if she was determining if he was dangerous, like a highway man or monster, or as if she was determining if she would be better off without him. Finally she made a choice, "Fine. It will be safer and faster this way. My name is Amanda, what is your name?"

The young man looked at her, into her green eyes and said, "My name? Well, my name is Sinah, my name is Sinah Advance." the young man said. "Well that sure is a strange name," Amanda replied. Thinking quickly, Sinah said, "Well, my parents are strange people." Amanda stared at Sinah with a questioning look, leaving an awkward silence in the air. It was going to be a long trip.
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