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Disclaimer: I do not own the Phantasy Star-franchise, nor are any of the characters in this fanfic mine. This is simply my version of how I think the story should have gone.

"Chaz, look out!" she had been the first to sense what Zio was trying to do, and she had to act quickly. She would normally never admit it, but she was very fond of Chaz and she did not want to see him die.

With the power and agility that only she possessed after years of intense training, she pushed him out of the way and took the full force of the attack. The Black Energy Wave pierced her defenses and she collapsed on the floor. Chaz was the first to reach her.

"Alys! No... please, open your eyes! Alys!" he said as he frantically tried to get her back from her fallen state.

Rika crouched down next to him, "We have to make a temporary retreat!" she said when she realized none of her healing spells seemed to have any effect at all.

She was fading, slowly but surely. No matter what they tried to give her, her body would not accept it. She tried to speak, but the immense pain prevented her from uttering a single word. How the mighty could fall... it was tragically ironic. Still, her resolve wasn't weakened at all; never once did she regret the fateful act which had left her in this state.

When she next regained consciousness, she was in a bed in Krup. Everything in her body ached and she felt like her very life force was being sapped. Someone had tied up her wounds and sent her flowers. She noticed the small vase on the desk - roses... the type which she loved. She only cared for them out of nostalgic reasons...
She tried to reach out to them but just as she was about to touch them, a flare of pain shot through her entire body and she cried out in pain, feeling pathetic.

She was the world's most renowned hunter - she had to get better so she could kick Zio's behind for what he did not only to her, but to all of Motavia. Still, she was just a human... and humans are susceptible to pain and injury.

"You mustn't push yourself too hard," a familiar voice said and she heard steps moving towards her. She opened her eyes and saw a tall, blue haired man approach her, sitting down in the chair next to her.

"Rune," she said casually. Thank you so much... she thought, but did not utter those words for reasons unknown to herself. He had been her friend for very long, yet this Rune was different from the one she knew. She looked at his face and saw what was different: fear - he was afraid of losing her. Of not coming there in time, only to see her die.

He took her left hand into his tenderly, "Shh... Don't talk, Alys. Chaz has informed me of the situation. While you were asleep, he went on a journey to find me. Together we got the Psycho-Wand, so now we can finally kill Zio."

She smiled weakly. That was wonderful news - and Chaz and Rune seemed to finally tolerate each other.

"Rune, please look after Chaz... he's -" she was interrupted by another surge of pain and almost fainted, but Rune seemed to know how to help her and quickly channeled some healing energy. His hands seemed to glow with a white light, similar to how Zio's were glowing when he cast the Black Energy Wave.

"Where did you learn that spell?" she asked him when she noticed the pain fading away into the depths of her soul.

He smiled sadly and stroked her hair. She let him, though perhaps only because she was too weak at the moment to do anything. Still, death seemed more distant somehow. As if he'd shared some of his own life force with her. She noticed him paling and growing weaker as she regained her strength.

He caught his breath, "I am the reincarnation of Lutz. That is why I had to leave you all those years ago," he answered, looking away from her, "I did not want to... but... G-Galf made me. He said it'd hurt you less if I left suddenly."

She looked at him like he was crazy, "Lutz?"

"He was a hero who fought alongside Alis Landale, the heroine who defeated the first Dark Force. He later on founded The Esper Mansion on Dezolis and well... he was one of the strongest magicians to have ever lived," Rune explained.

Alys sank back into the bed, pondering what he had said.

"The reincarnations of Lutz all have longer life spans than normal humans do," Rune said with a disgusted voice. Truth to be told, he hated it. He hated Lutz for choosing him as his successor, he hated the fact that he had to leave Alys that time and he hated the fact that even if Zio hadn't hurt her, he'd still outlive her by several hundred years.
Ever since he left her that day, not a single day had passed without him thinking about her. He'd tried to block the memories out, but he could not forget her. How brave she was, and how beautiful she was - both physically and as a human being.

He did not know why, but he'd always been fond of her, ever since they met for the first time as teens. He'd thought she was very cute and brave - a combination that was quite a rare sight. They'd gone through a lot together and he thought if there ever was anyone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, it was her. She didn't need him, she was strong on her own - it was he who needed her.
Only now, when he was with her, did he feel the happiness of his young and carefree days return. He would protect her, even if it meant cutting down his own life - he did not care. After all, he was still going to last long enough to aid Chaz and her. Only he could dispel the Black Energy Wave and save her.

"How did you know where to find me? Motavia is a huge world," Alys inquired, her voice more healthy after another healing spell from Rune.

Rune did not answer. Alys, now strong enough to sit upright noticed that he had fainted, his face white as a sheet and uttering terrible moaning sounds from the pain.

"Rune!" she exclaimed, trying to revive him to no avail, "Hang in there! Please, I mean - that's an order!"

Never mind the Black Energy Wave, she had to help Rune before things got out of hand and he died. Thankfully for the people who worked here, she was still dressed in the same way as she had been before she'd been hit by the Black Energy Wave. She was still weakened, but did not care about it anymore for she could still walk. Taking one step at a time and sometimes needing to support herself by groping the walls, she managed to get out of the room.

"Alys! You're alive!" Hahn said when he saw her and ran over to give her a helping hand, but she told him not to mind her.

"Rune is dying in my room!" she said, then blushed when she realized how stupid that sounded, "Er... I mean, he healed me and..."

Hahn raised an eyebrow, "Rune healed you? But he doesn't know any healing magic..."

"Well, then it was an angel or something! Who cares?! The most important thing is, he's taken the Black Energy Wave into himself and is now dying!" Alys replied, back to her usual self.

Hahn saw how anxious she was. She was so not like the Alys he had gotten to know over the past weeks. This Alys seemed frightened and desperate. If only Chaz was there to help them, but both he and Rika had gone to the church to pray for Alys's health, leaving them with no healers.

Hahn looked at her and nodded. "I'll help you," he said, "I don't know your story, but you and Rune seem to be very close and well... I don't want anyone to die."

Alys smiled a rare smile, "Thank you, Hahn."

Over the next few hours, Alys's condition got much better and she was even able to actively help Hahn. She was strong enough to lift Rune into the bed, but had to leave the room when Hahn had to undress him in order to check his pulse and heart. Alys was a woman, after all.

The situation was so awkward for her, being ordered around by Hahn, whom she had up until now been extorting money from. In the end, he did possess some leadership skills.

"Get me those Trimates lying on the table," he ordered and Alys had to obey. She also got the Sol Dew which Hahn had kept for a dark day and he reluctantly added it to the other items in the pot before he crushed them all with a hammer and mixed them together.

"There, perfection!" he said bitterly at last, still mourning the loss of his precious Sol Dew.

Alys crossed her arms and gave him a scolding look, "If that Sol Dew was so precious to you, I'll just buy you a new one, geez!" and then raised a threatening finger to let him know the discussion was over.

Hahn poured the medicine into one of the empty bottles that was left from the Trimates and handed it to Alys, telling her to give it to Rune.

However, he did not accept it. No matter how Alys tried to, she couldn't get him to open his mouth enough to pour the medicine into his throat. Hahn suggested mouth to mouth and normally, Alys would have beaten the living daylights out of him for suggesting such a preposterous idea, but not this time. She reluctantly punched him in the stomach to make him open his mouth and then, well... the process was pretty self-explanatory.

She was startled when she felt him kiss her back. And then, he opened his eyes.

"Heh... I had always dreamt of having a first kiss, but not like this..." he muttered, "Guess I was too careless."

"Rune! You're back!" Alys said, blushing quite a lot.

"And so are you..." Rune smiled, "Looks like my healing spells really did work their magic."
The hunter nodded, "Don't even think of using them ever again. You darn near died!"

She then thought of something, "And for your information, I wasn't kissing you! It's the only way to get you to take the medicine! After all, what would Galf say to me in the afterlife if I let you die?"

Rune chuckled, "He'd probably scold you like he always did. Then you'd cry for ages, like you always did."

"Say that to my face! I never cried, not even once!" Hahn could almost see the steam coming of Alys's head and tried to step in between them before she had a stroke, but she shot him a murderous gaze.

Oh well, at least she's still alive... he thought and hurriedly left the room before a fight broke out. But it never did.

"Alys, there is something I must tell you..." Rune said after a while of silence. He knew now was the best time to confess his feelings for her, even if she was oblivious to them.

She looked at him, her expression slightly softer than before, "Oh? What is it?"

He tried to open his mouth, but couldn't find the bravery to tell her. What if she refused him? Besides, they'd both almost died - but what time was better to make such a great confession than now?

I love you... he thought, but did not speak. "I wanna stay with you," he finally said.

Her expression did not change and the only way to know she'd actually heard him was the fact she gave off a slight nod.

"I understand. You're welcome to join us to take down Zio," she replied, cool as ever.

"You don't understand, what I'm trying to say is..." he did not have the courage to say the fateful words.

"I'm waiting," she said, growing impatient, "I swear, men are all so weak-minded! Get to the point, or don't bother."

Just then, the door flew up and startled both of them.

"Hahn, how many times do I have to tell you, everything's -" she stopped mid-sentence when she saw Rika standing in the doorway, the Numan's expression was one of pure horror.

"- all right?! Rika, what's happened?" she asked and ran over to the terrified girl, who was shaking violently. She was slightly wounded and covered in sand. Had she ran across the desert?

"Chaz..." she spoke, "Chaz has... He's..."

Rune stood up, "What's happened to Chaz?"

A bewildered Rika looked at him, "He's gone off to Zio's fort - Alone! He said he'd avenge Alys and that it was too dangerous for anyone else to go with him."

"That idiot!" Both Rune and Alys cried out at once.

"He'll die if he fights Zio alone, come on Rika, Rune. We must save him!" Alys said, took her slashers, gave Rika a Dimate and a few hours later they departed for Zio's Castle, which was shining menacingly in the setting sunlight.

Author's Notes: Please, tell me what you think about my story. I wanna continue it and make it into a full-fledged fanfic about Alys and Rune. The reason I am doing this is because Alys is an awesome character and I wish to forget that the tragedy ever happened. I believe it may happen.

Thank you for reading this possible first chapter.
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