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PostPosted: Fri Dec 3, '10, 3:12 pm

Revo stood on top of a hill not half a mile from Camineet, observing the great city. Night had fallen quickly, but the bright lights of Camineet could have made one think it was midday there.

The last 30 minutes he had been filled with anger, just walking away from the city as swiftly as he could. Uncapable to consider turning back. His anger had mostly subsided by now, as he stood there.

If he would turn back, he’d do it now.
Am I doing this? Walking to a village 50 miles of here in the middle of nowhere?

The oasis, Eppi, I have visited it only once… though my mind has craved there for long. Could I live there?
… Yes. I will go to Marica and reveal how I feel for her. How I’ve felt even during the long months
spent at Camineet after she moved to Eppi. She cannot refuse as I tell I’ve walked all the way for her.

Determined, feeling no fatigue or hunger, he turned his back on Camineet and set forth.

Let’s go.

It was evident not many had walked this trail, but to him it was as clear as the southern stars he followed.

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