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PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, '10, 9:34 am 
First of all, woohoo! Floppers get some action!

Second, WHOA. I was wondering why Lune was being so creepily suave towards Thea, but it looks like he has ulterior motives. I can't wait to see how that plays out. I like your characterization of Lune. He's sort of a Jareth, it seems: Partially bad, partially good, and creepy-yet-strangely-charismatic all at the same time.

Meanwhile, I am loving the way Sari's and Ayn's relationship is developing, even if it's merely "hey, we have some things in common" right now. Awww. It's so sweet! I also loved the bit about the monitor and its update. Bwaha! Perfectly done.

I love all the cliffhangers, even though I'm going crazy over the misunderstandings! That's in keeping with the game, though, so kudos on that. Ack! Silly PSIII, if only those stupid sages had friggin' cleared things up for the general populaces of Alisa III and the moons.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 5, '11, 1:36 pm 
Okay, I read the latest chapter. I think the "evil" Thea part was handled quite nicely and I'm enjoying the blossoming relationship between Ayn and Sari, although I can't help but wonder if their encounter with Alair might not throw all that for a loop. But as you said, nothing comes easy on the Alisa III.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 5, '11, 5:23 pm 
Okay, I'm finally all caught up! *phew!* Lots of interesting things going on here - of course I knew ahead of time what was going to happen to Thea, but I liked reading about the events that led her there and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

I think my favorite thing about the story so far is your portrayal of Sari. The game itself gives us very little to go on in regards to character development and some characters seem to fall into certain stereotypes that aren't necessarily depicted in the game. It seems that in almost every PSIII story I've read, Sari is written as being cold and heartless and nasty, and it was very nice to read here that even though she's tough and kicks butt like there's no tomorrow, she's not an unfeeling monster and she can actually be nice.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, '11, 1:35 am 
Woohoo! Caught up!

Ayn's and Sari's budding relationship is so sweet. Your pacing here is perfect!

Thea? Evil Thea is really something! And YES, snake arm cuffs! :D I'm kind of envisioning Lune as a cross between David Bowie's Jareth and Tim Curry's Darkness (just the personality). That's quite hot.

I'm really liking the way you're building up the excitement; it's going to make the final showdown really fun (well, intense fun, I mean)!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, '11, 6:35 am 
Finished with chapter 5. More excellent stuff! There's so much to comment on; let's see:

The development between Ayn and Sari continues to keep me hooked. I'm so glad to see you're not rushing it, nor does it feel purposefully extended. Her flirting with him was downright hot, too. The bar scene was a chapter highlight; it was easy to follow along with and always a pleasure to see Mieu getting to kick some butt.

Lots of great info came out with Ryan. I won't spoil it for everyone else, but I can see how you're setting it up for all the different story paths to eventually join. I hope Lyle will live for a bit longer. =(

And Evil Thea and Lune continue to plot and be evil (well, misunderstood, anyway) and that's going somewhere interesting, too.

I cannot wait for Alair to enter the picture!

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 1, '11, 4:31 am 
Finished Chapter 8. Good chapter and addition to the story. LoL on the "amnesia". And, wow, that Thea is a mean woman here, to say the least. She needs that shoe shoved somewhere, if you get my drift. :wink: Looking forward to more of the story.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, '12, 8:17 pm 
Just finished reading Chapter 9. Very interesting and can't wait to see where it goes from here. Love the little bits of humor in this story and laughed on several occassions. Kinda sorry that the attacker was killed, it might have been interesting to see if those two species could actually mate. :)

Good story!!! :yes:

PostPosted: Thu May 30, '13, 4:02 am 
Good to see a new chapter to the story. Read it this morning and forgot to comment on it then. Very enjoyable story with some romance, afterlife situations, and other family problems, all a mix for a great story. Can't wait to see how the next chapter goes.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, '15, 5:13 pm 
Well, this morning I decided to start re-reading some of our Fan Fiction stories since it has been so long since I have read some of them, and I decided to begin with "Ripple Effect" since it is one of the most popular stories here. So I just read the first chapter again and Glad I did as I really had forgotten so much of the story. Loved the laughs in the story and the controversy over just who he would choose to marry. Looking forward to reading the second chapter as time allows. :clap:

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