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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, '07, 12:02 am 

This topic is for reviews of Meeting by the Lake, the fan fiction by Thoul. You may use this topic to let Thoul know what you think of this story. When commenting on the story, try to go into detail about what you enjoyed or thought could be improved. Both praise and constructive criticism are encouraged. Please refrain from making non-constructive criticisms.

Please keep your comments in this thread on the subject of Meeting by the Lake. If you would like to discuss another story, please do so in that story's review thread.


PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 2:13 pm 
Pretty neat story. The meeting by the lake is one of the first major events on the quest and, as the game presents it, almost a rather uneventful one. But it seems that PSIII fans love it enough to have written a number of stories about how it must have been. As Rhys' first ally, I imagine Mieu must've had a pretty strong friendship with him, considering that they worked alone for a fair part of his quest and, even when Wren joined them, she was most likely better company to Rhys than Wren was.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 8:13 pm 
Thanks. :) I originally intended this story to be the first chapter of a longer work that would explore the development of a friendship between Rhys and Mieu in depth. I think they must have been very close for her to stick with him, his son, and his grandson for such a long period of time. I know Wren did the same, but Wren seems less expressive and involved with the family to me.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 8:19 pm 
I've read some fanfics that essentially compare Ayn and Mieu to being little brother and big sister, and it seems to be generally accepted that Mieu was something of a surrogate mother to Sean (though I do love the idea of them being eventual lovers). The whole Rhys/Mieu dynamic is especially fascinating, then. Since Rhys was a bit of an angry type (at least early on in the quest), did he shut himself down emotionally to her? Did he open up? Did she encourage him on his quest? Did he seek her advice before making the choice of whom to marry?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 10:33 pm 
I don't think Rhys would have been able to shut himself off emotionally. He's pretty passionate and Mieu seemed to be longing for human contact, so I think they would have both been fairly open with each other. I like to think he would have discussed the whole situation with her. She would have given him some advice and encouragement. As for the marriage choice, I doubt Rhys even had time to consider it himself. The revelation of Lena's interest was pretty sudden. Maybe if Lena showed interest beforehand, then he and Mieu could have had a good talk about it.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 9, '17, 1:12 am 
Enjoyed reading this story again by Thoul about Rhys and Mieu. Looking forward to possibly more of the story one day.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 9, '17, 10:30 am 
I've just printed it and I'll read it as soon as possible and I'll comment about it later so stay tuned ! :)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 3, '19, 9:24 pm 
Reading this story again for the summer! :clap:

PostPosted: Fri Jul 5, '19, 12:49 pm 
Yes ! Great to read it again with the summer and the sun (sometimes !;)).

PostPosted: Mon Mar 8, '21, 9:07 pm 
Read this story again today. Still a great read.

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