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 Post subject: Reviews of Beyond Reality
PostPosted: Fri Jul 9, '10, 7:16 pm 

This topic is for reviews of Beyond Reality by H-Man. You may use this topic to let H-Man know what you think of this work. When commenting, try to go into detail about what you enjoyed or thought could be improved. Both praise and constructive criticism are encouraged. Please refrain from making non-constructive criticisms.

Please keep your comments in this thread on the subject of Beyond Reality. If you would like to discuss another writing, please do so in that writing's review thread.


PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 1:35 am 
Well, I guess I should explain an element of the story before you read (or review) it, so that it makes a little more sense. If if it isn't very apparent, the story is something of a Mary Sue in the characterizations of the three main male characters, being based off of yours truly and two of his friends. As a result, the dialogue and expressions used by them are a bit specific and unique. It's said that dialogue should be realistic and the way people actually talk. Thus, I drew inspiration from my interactions with my friends. As a result, the dialogue is something of a two-edged sword: it is believable (yes, we do talk like that) but it comes across as something of an inside joke. Okay, just had to explain. Please read and enjoy.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 5, '10, 4:41 am 
I finally finished reading this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very novel idea in how the guys came to be there. Don't think I have ever read a story based like that before, and it was very unique. A lot of action, which I liked, and yeah, the language was very realistic also. I am glad to see the characters continue on in another story also.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, '10, 12:53 pm 
Very intriguing. The guys suddenly are into the Phantasy Star III world and we still don't know if that is true or not. I think I'll discover that on the next stories. Great stuff.

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